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GOE Energy Conference 2016

GOE Energy Conference 2016

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Love EFT: Positive EFT For Love, Romance & Relationships by Silvia Hartmann

Love EFT: Positive EFT For Love, Romance & Relationships by Silvia Hartmann

Make Love YOUR Goal!

Books For Energists

Books For Energists: Energy EFT, EmoTrance, Energy Hypnosis & Energy Psychology Books, Manuals & Distance Learning Programs at

8 Ways To Muscle Test Yourself

Susan Courtney writes: There are many interesting and useful ways to do self-testing of the energy field. They are great fun and wonderful training to experiment with, and I highly recommend doing so as an aid to developing and testing our intuition (while remembering that muscle-testing is subject to all sorts of vagaries and may not be relied upon to be 100% accurate).
Posted Sep 14, 2002 53,773 Reads More Information ->

About The Portal

This is an interactive portal and we would highly encourage you to help us present a full and balanced view by submitting your comments, adding your web site to the listings and by posting reviews, news, articles and suggestions. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your visits.
Posted Sep 27, 2002 17,295 Reads More Information ->

Allergy Antidotes E-Book - New In The Store

Allergy Antidotes E-Book - New In The Store Sandi Radomski writes: The complete Allergy Antidotes Manual is now available as an Electronic Book for instant download from the store. For more information about the Allergy Antidotes system, please also see my introduction article HERE.
Posted Jul 7, 2002 4,225 Reads More Information ->

AMT UK August 1999

AMT UK News August 1999

A Story Of Heights
A Combined ETF/Homeopathy Case
Meridian Therapies For Companion Animals
A Single Voice
The Mountain, Part II
Posted Sep 14, 2002 5,325 Reads More Information ->

AMT UK December 1999

AMT UK News December 1999 News In Brief Meridian Therapist Certification Trainings UK AMT Directors Overseas Members Therapist's Guides Articles: A Christmas Miracle On Anti Phobias & Tapping Away A Happy Feeling TMJ - Do you have it? Weight Loss Stories Christmas Greetings!
Posted Sep 15, 2002 7,846 Reads More Information ->

AMT UK July 1999

AMT UK News July 1999 Contents: In Brief - News Psychological Reversal - Article Healing Blocks - Article How ACEP was born - Article
Posted Sep 14, 2002 5,689 Reads More Information ->

AMT UK June 1999

AMT UK June 1999

Every Day Tapping
Telephone Consultations
Explaining Terms - Aspects
Posted Sep 14, 2002 4,772 Reads More Information ->

AMT UK September 1999

AMT UK September 1999 AMT Seminar Announcement Animal Experimentation & Proxy (Surrogate) EFT The Apex Problem Adventures In EFT Freebies!
Posted Sep 14, 2002 5,947 Reads More Information ->

Attractor Field Therapy By Dr Kurt Ebert

ATTRACTOR FIELD THERAPY (AFT) is an outgrowth of the seminal work of David R. Hawkins, MD, Ph.D., author of "Power Vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior". In his preface, Hawkins states: "We think that we live by forces we control, but in fact we are governed by power from unrevealed sources, power over which we have no control."
Posted Sep 12, 2002 15,698 Reads More Information ->

Audio Tapes From Oxford Conference 2002

Missed the amazing experience that was the Oxford Energy Therapies Conference 2002? Not to worry! You can listen in and choose your favourite lecturers and speakers from this comprehensive list of value-for-money audio tapes.
Posted Aug 17, 2002 5,363 Reads More Information ->

CHART by Paula Shaw

Conscious Healing and Repatterning Therapy (CHART) is an energy-based system that incorporates traditional therapeutic models as well as components of the most prominent Energy Psychology methods. It’s a therapy for a new millennium, a synthesis of many systems with the unique aspect of focusing the energy treatment on the specific Part of the Personality that holds a given emotional issue. The CHART system utilizes Intention, Diagnostic Muscle Testing, Keywords, Visualization, and Chakra and Meridian contact to energetically clear emotional issues being held by the Inner Child, the Inner Adolescent, and the Adult Self. These critical components of the psyche each carry their own energetic patterns that must be individually treated and healed.
Posted Sep 12, 2002 8,630 Reads More Information ->

Dr Gregory J Nicosia, PhD, BCFE - Creator of TEST

Dr Gregory J Nicosia, PhD, BCFE - Creator of TEST Gregory J. Nicosia, Ph.D., B.C.F.E. is a licensed psychologist and the founder of Advanced Diagnostics, P.C., Pittsburgh's premiere center for the thought energy based psychotherapeutic treatment of trauma and remediation of cognitive dysfunction. Dr. Nicosia has helped to explore and elaborate the newest psychotherapies in the last 25 years including biofeedback and behavioral medicine, EMDR, and most recently thought field therapy.

Posted Sep 12, 2002 9,344 Reads More Information ->

EFT and Health Issues

It is commonly accepted now by most health professionals that our emotions can create a wide variety of psychosomatic illnesses and symptoms. Unresolved disruptions in our body's energy field cause malfunctioning in our organs and systems. This usually occurs when the negative emotions energy field affects the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, which in turn control all the other systems of the body through hormonal and electronic messages.
Posted Jul 6, 2002 4,906 Reads More Information ->

EFT As A Ritual - Emergency Situations, Emergency Measures

Silvia Hartmann writes: ....I was still shaking but calm enough to start observing myself again, to note what I was doing and to have some conscious thought about it all and one of the very first thoughts I had was that I had engaged in the EFT “ritual” without a thought, when I was quite incapable of thought, automatically....
Posted Aug 28, 2002 5,166 Reads More Information ->

Energy Psychology In Caduceus Magazine!

Energy Psychology In Caduceus Magazine! A Major Breakthrough For Energy Psychology - Caduceus Magazine has just published a 4-page major article, written by Susan Courtney, entitled: Energy Psychology - A New Paradigm For Change. The article contains basic information and an EFT protocol, as well as introductions and examples from other Meridian Energy Therapy and Energy Psychology approaches such as TAT and Matrix work. See the complete article in the News Section!.A printable version of the article is available in the Downloads Section.
Posted Jul 1, 2002 4,545 Reads More Information ->

Excellence In Counselling - Gift or Skill?

Dr. Pati Beaudoin writes: The way we use our words and voice with our clients can make a person feel heard from the heart. With a counselor who uses words and voice well, clients often feel for the first time that what they think and feel are important and worthy of respect. Feeling heard in this deep way encourages the client to go deeper, to share the secrets that have felt too shameful, too embarrassing ever to share with anyone.
Posted Jul 8, 2002 11,194 Reads More Information ->

First US EmoTrance Practitioner Training CA

First US EmoTrance Practitioner Training CA The FIRST EmoTrance Practitioner Training (CEUs Pending) in the United States will be presented by Susan Courtney on October 4-6, 2002, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Make sure you don't miss out on this outstanding training and the outstanding opportunity to be amongst the FIRST US practitioners of this superb and revolutionary Energy Healing modality.
Posted Aug 26, 2002 4,372 Reads More Information ->

Gentle Touch & EFT - Free Healthcare For The 3rd World

This is a report of a demonstration program that clearly demonstrates that alternative healing has a place in the Third World. It tells what we have been doing in Mombasa, some of why we do it, and gives some of the results. The emphasis is on the Gentle Touch and EFT. However these alone are inadequate. I believe that the only thing holding back a much more intensive use of alternative methods in developing countries is the lack of effective demonstrations.
Posted Aug 21, 2002 10,482 Reads More Information ->

Getting Free from Addictions with EFT

When working with our addictions to various substances, we will usually (but not always) need more perseverance in performing EFT than for other issues such as fear.
Posted Aug 6, 2002 8,925 Reads More Information ->

Growing A Perennial Practice

John Niland writes: If your reputation brought all the clients you would ever want - without selling, advertising, marketing, cold-calling or PR – how many days would you work? What would your income be? How many holidays would you have? What chores would you delegate? Growing a reputation is like growing a garden. If we prepare the ground, if we choose the right plants and situate them properly, if we nourish the relationships we want, if we occasionally prune - we can cultivate perennials that go on producing harvests year after year.
Posted Aug 26, 2002 4,246 Reads More Information ->
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