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Love EFT: Positive EFT For Love, Romance & Relationships by Silvia Hartmann

Love EFT: Positive EFT For Love, Romance & Relationships by Silvia Hartmann

Make Love YOUR Goal!

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08/08/08- World Success Day Gets Major Press Support!

08/08/08- World Success Day Gets Major Press Support!

Silvia Hartmann had an idea. This Idea was to stop people worrying and moaning about the Credit Crunch. Her Idea formed into a day and slowly became- World Success Day! World Success Day has had a great deal of media support, with Silvia appearing on a number of Radio stations such as Rock Radio and BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. It was also taken up by alot of newspapers around the country in the form of articles and interviews. Here is one of those articles, taken from the Business section of the Argus in Brighton...

Posted Aug 13, 2008 4,407 Reads More Information ->

Case Study: An Angry Child by Joyce Waring

This is a case study of a little boy called Kieron who was 8 years old on his first treatment but progress to 9 by his second. His mummy is one of my yoga students and was very stressed when he was diagnosed as ADHD and an angry child. She, her daughter and partner, were regularly invited to family and friends but the invitation did not include Kieron as he was such a "naughty boy". He regularly came home from school with bad reports from teaching staff and was waiting to see a child psychologist. We kept the first treatment short, teaching him where to tap (using EFT)when he got really cross and this worked with good results.
Posted Sep 16, 2008 8,748 Reads More Information ->

EFT and Panic Attacks by Nicola Quinn

EFT and Panic Attacks by Nicola Quinn

My book Life Without Panic Attacks is due out in paperback any day now and what a buzz that is, I still can't quite believe it, what I have gone through to get here and how EFT has been there every step of the way. It was EFT that originally cured me of my panic attacks all those years ago. It was EFT that helped me jump over my reversals to write my experiences in a book to help others. It was EFT that came to the rescue when I was revising and editing the book for print just recently.

Posted Sep 16, 2008 5,848 Reads More Information ->

EFT Unlocks Creative Talents, Practical Writing Skills - And The Heart Of Gold ...

EFT Unlocks Creative Talents, Practical Writing Skills - And The Heart Of Gold ...

From Silvia Hartmann:

Earlier this year, we started a project to help people who want to write a book so that their dream not only comes true, but that the book they end up with is something they can be proud of, WE can be proud of having published, and most importantly, that they should have a WONDERFUL expressive, creative experience with their first book.

Posted Sep 11, 2008 5,255 Reads More Information ->

EFT – could it benefit adoptive families?

EFT – could it benefit adoptive families? WHEN adoptive mother Claire searched for a way to help her teenage daughter she discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT for short – involving tapping on the meridian points of your body with your finger-tips and likened to a needle free version of acupuncture. Here she and the therapist describes what happened.
Posted Sep 9, 2008 9,295 Reads More Information ->

EFT- Is It All It's Tapped Up To Be? by Catherine Dixon

EFT- Is It All It's Tapped Up To Be? by Catherine Dixon EFT, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Technique attracts controversy, credits and curiosity. The name itself can raise eyebrows of incredulity - is there any such thing as an Emotional Freedom Technique?
Posted Jul 21, 2008 5,603 Reads More Information ->

Give Your Love Life A Makeover! By Sandra Hillawi

Give Your Love Life A Makeover! By Sandra Hillawi Could your love life do with a makeover? Is it as bright, exciting and new as it used be? Has the passing of time and the toll of life sapped away the magic? Are you still hanging on to what happened last year, or the year before and its getting in the way of your connection? Are your thoughts and expectations about your relationship limiting the possibilities for joy connection magic and love and leaving you disappointed? Are there things about your partner that you used to find cute that now just really annoy you? If you said yes to any of these things, maybe your relationship could use a make over. Sandra Hillawi, emotional energy expert gives you a few tips.
Posted Aug 14, 2008 4,170 Reads More Information ->

Logosynthesis by Willem Lammers

Logosynthesis by Willem Lammers Logosynthesis™ is an innovative and comprehensive system for personal development. It is effective in coaching, counselling and psychotherapy, and can also be used as a self-help tool. It enables people to find their innermost life path. Logosynthesis is simple, elegant, effective, and easily conveyed.
Posted Jul 22, 2008 11,104 Reads More Information ->

Origins and current trends in Energy Psychology in the UK and USA

Origins and current trends in Energy Psychology in the UK and USA

A brief look at the origins and trends that shape the world of Energy Psychology in the UK and USA today. By Phil Mollon

Posted Jul 22, 2008 7,498 Reads More Information ->

Overcoming War Trauma by Sarah Bird

Overcoming War Trauma by Sarah Bird Sarah Bird writes- I am working with Harold McRae, Tapas Fleming and Sara Arey and Dick Morrell in Columbus Georgia USA. Harold has put together a workshop for combat veterans and active service personal and their spouses, who are suffering the effects of PTSD. This has been taking place over the past 10 days. We have had about 40 participants during that time. Harold and I have combined teaching the effects of PTSD on the brain and how that affects your life, and Tapas is teaching TAT to release the trauma that has caused it. We as a group are supporting Tapas as she teaches. The workshop is delivering the most amazing results for the participants. the following is a letter submitted to the TATlife website from one of our participants, Brian Davis a Special Forces Veteran. This has been a truly inspiring and humbling experience witnessing the healing that is taking place.
Posted Aug 14, 2008 4,179 Reads More Information ->

Sandra Hillawi and The Love Clinic on BBC Radio

Sandra Hillawi and The Love Clinic on BBC Radio Wednesday, 23rd July 2008 AMT Trainer Sandra Hillawi was invited by the BBC to give three radio interviews on her new book called "The Love Clinic", which is all about the energy secrets of love, sex and relationships. Sandra was broadcasted across the UK and Internationally via the Internet to an audience of hundreds of thousands. The most detailed interview was for BBC Radio Bristol and was conducted by Dj Dave Barratt. We've provided the transcript of the interview available for you here. Well done Sandra!
Posted Jul 25, 2008 5,891 Reads More Information ->

Sensitivity Training Using EmoTrance by Detlev Tesch

Sensitivity Training Using EmoTrance by Detlev Tesch Detlev Tesch, EmoTrance Trainer, explains with examples and exercises how we can be more sensitive to energy flow. These are useful techniques for anyone who has problems identifying the feelings associated with flowing energy, or for experienced practitioners looking to improve their own sensitivity. This is the English Language version of the original article: Wahrnehmungsübungen für EmoTrance.
Posted Jul 15, 2008 4,989 Reads More Information ->

Tapping Therapy 'Cures' Woman of ME

Tapping Therapy 'Cures' Woman of ME A former dancer from Kidderminster has used a form of tapping therapy to help overcome the incurable illness, ME. This is a BBC TV report from the UK and illustrates the success people are having using EFT on many different health & psychological problems.
Posted Jul 28, 2008 6,910 Reads More Information ->

The AMT August 2008 Newsletter

Welcome! It's August and it's time for the AMT Newsletter. All in all it's been a exciting month, World Success Day was... a success! And Dr Silvia Hartmann's new project The Genius Symbols is out later this month (We can't wait!). So here it is, read, enjoy and learn! In this issue: + News: 08-08-08 World Success Day Was A Triumph! + Article: Overcoming War Trauma By Sarah Bird + Article: Project EmoTrance by Silvia Hartmann + Article: Sandra Hillawi give gives your Love Life a Makeover! + News: Sharon Cass Toole is getting ready for the Tenth Annual Energy Psychology Conference in Toronto this coming October + News: We are all counting down to the release of Dr Silvia Hartmann's new Book The Genius Symbols and DragonRising are giving you the chance to win a VERY special prize!
Posted Aug 10, 2008 1,686 Reads More Information ->

The AMT September 2008 Newsletter

Welcome to the September edition of The AMT newsletter. In This Issue: Article: Versatility of EFT Applications by Catherine Dixon Case Study: EFT, Children and Tourettes by Dee McCall Article: EFT Unlocks Creative Talents, Practical Writing Skills - And The Heart Of Gold ... By Dr Silvia Hartmann. Case Study: An Angry Child by Joyce Waring Article: EFT- Could It Benefit Adoptive Families? From Adoption UK Magazine
Posted Sep 20, 2008 1,918 Reads More Information ->

The Love Clinic: Top Tips On Love From Sandra Hillawi

The Love Clinic: Top Tips On Love From Sandra Hillawi Sandra Hillawi’s revolutionary new book The Love Clinic, solving our relationship problems to create more love in our lives, explains to us how all emotions arise from states of flow or blockage in the body’s subtle energy system. This is where we process and handle the energies of life: what people say and do to us, what we experience; all this energy at the most fundamental level. Love, joy, happiness, rapture, clarity, understanding, compassion all come from flow states in our energy system. Life happens, we experience it within, digest it, learn from it and let it go enjoying the process with thrills of delight and warmth spreading through the body for our positive emotions.
Posted Aug 1, 2008 4,282 Reads More Information ->

The Tenth Annual Energy Psychology Conference

The Tenth Annual Energy Psychology Conference Sharon Cass Toole writes "We are currently gearing up for what promises to be the best conference yet. Do yourself a favour and mark your calendar for what is promising to be a very special event."
Posted Jul 31, 2008 5,568 Reads More Information ->

Versatility of EFT Applications by Catherine Dixon

Versatility of EFT Applications by Catherine Dixon Catherine Dixon writes:EFT is best known as a therapeutic intervention to relieve emotional pain, toxic memories and collapse dis-empowering beliefs. It is also a highly effective stress management tool in situations of panic and overwhelm. The key to the efficacy of this simple technique lies in the practitioner’s facilitation skills and how creatively it is applied.
Posted Sep 10, 2008 4,702 Reads More Information ->

Why Magical Friday 08.08.08 Could Make A Big Difference To Everyone!

Why Magical Friday 08.08.08 Could Make A Big Difference To Everyone! With ‘credit crunch’ and ‘recession’ by far the most talked about topics on TV and in our newspapers, people can be forgiven for spiralling into a somewhat negative and destructive state of doom and gloom. Yes, of course the country and indeed the whole world face problems and challenges, many of which are new to us. However, is it really all that bad; or shouldn’t we try a little positive thinking and reflect on successes and the positives rather than dwell on the bad?
Posted Aug 5, 2008 4,622 Reads More Information ->
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