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Ask & Receive for Physical Issues - 2-Day Workshop

by Sandi Radomski

Ask & Receive for Physical Issues - 2-Day Workshop

We are happy to announce the Ask & Receive for Physical Issues Workshop with the AMT's Sandi Radomski.

This will be the very first Ask & Receive training in Europe, so please book early to avoid dissapointment.

Read on for more details...

This 2 day workshop is the Foundation training in Ask & Receive.  Ask & Receive is based on the concept that we all have a higher, broader perspective that knows exactly what we need.  However, we do not always have access to that higher state information.  The 5 steps of Ask & Receive give you access to that information and bring it down into you current reality.  You will be able to change limiting beliefs and reduce the effects of trauma that are blocking you from your healing.

You will learn the 4 ways to guide the Ask & Receive treatments including the Simple form, SUDS level, Felt Sense, and Muscle testing. While you will be competent in using Ask & Receive for both emotional and physical problems, I will particularly demonstrate the use of Ask & Receive for physical issues. I will include   Ask & Receive for allergies using my Allergy Antidotes system as a model.

Participants will have enough demonstration and practice to be ready to use Ask & Receive immediately.  Upon completion, each participant will be listed on the web site as having completed the Foundation course as well as being included in an online follow up call to answer questions that arise once they have started to use the techniques.

Presentation outline:

1. Introduction to Ask & Receive
2. Conceptual Framework
3. The 4 ways to guide Ask & Receive treatment
a. Simple form
b. SUDS level
c. Felt Sense
d. Muscle Testing
e. Demonstrations and practice
4. Release traumas that are blocking treatment
5. Release limiting beliefs that are blocking treatment
6. Ask & Receive for physical issues
a. Allergy Antidotes model
b. Identify psychological causes of physical problems
c. Treating allergies with Ask & Receive
d. Treating infections with Ask & Receive
e. Treating pain with Ask & Receive
f. Demonstrations and practice

Posted Jul 28, 2011 by Sandi Radomski Read...
Sandi Radomski
Sandi RadomskiSandi Radomski, N.D., L.C.S.W., M.S.S.W. is a psychotherapist and naturopathic doctor.

Her background includes teaching in the medical school at the University of Wisconsin for 8 years, doing biofeedback with pain patients for 10 years and conducting research in psychoneruoimmunology with children with cancer. Her experience in energy work includes TFTdx, EFT, TAT, and BSFFG, and chiropractic techniques such as NAET, TBM, Biokinetics, NET and JMT.

Currently specializing in allergy work, Sandi has written the manual Allergy Antidotes™, The Energy Psychology Treatment of Allergy-Like Reactions.

Allergy AntidotesTM is a comprehensive system to identify and eliminate the physical and emotional symptoms caused by substance sensitivities. Sophisticated muscle testing procedure pinpoints hidden sensitivities. Five basic treatment protocols utilize Energy Psychology principles to reprogram the patient’s body to no longer react negatively to the offending substances.
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