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South-East United Kingdom
1st & 2nd November 2014

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EmoTrance Practitioner

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EmoTrance puts the "Energy" into Energy Psychology. This course leading to full practitioner certification was especially created by the originator of EmoTrance, Silvia Hartmann for distance learning and live training students. Contains many special exercises for distance learning students as well as all the normal techniques and skill sets of the live practitioner trainings. Professional training course with tutor support. Contains the full practitioner manual plus further helpful documents, manuals & downloads to ensure first class support for the successful student of EmoTrance worldwide.

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EmoTrance Distance Learning Course Online

EmoTrance Practitioner Certification

Distance Learning Course ETDL

Created by Silvia Hartmann, Creator of EmoTrance


EmoTrance puts the "energy" into energy psychology. A pure energy modality that is extremely elegant, simple and effective, EmoTrance may be used as a stand alone alternative to talking therapy and counselling, or as as the energy engine to lift the effectiveness of other healing, psychological and therapeutic modalities to the next level.

The EmoTrance Distance Learning Practitioner Training course is designed for the home study student by Silvia Hartmann, creator of EmoTrance. Containing carefully step stoned sequences of exercises, the course is designed to build understanding, skill and experience in the use of EmoTrance.

The successful student will receive full EmoTrance Practitioner Certification (certified through the Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies TheAMT) plus one year's practioner license and listing on the official EmoTrance Practitioner's Register.

Please note that completion of ETDL will allow the successful student to attend the Annual International EmoTrance Conference.


EmoTrance ETDL Course Materials Include:

Unit 1 - Energy & Emotion
Unit 2 - Energy Healing
Unit 3 - Energetic Realities
Unit 4 - Energy Nutrition
Unit 5 - Working With People Energies
Unit 6 - EmoTrance In The Wider Energy Field
Unit 7 - Challenging Extreme Emotions
Unit 8 - Working With Essential Energies

The Official EmoTrance Self Help Manual (Day 1 Live Training Manual)

The Official EmoTrance Practitioner Manual (Day 2 Live Training Manual)

The EmoTrance Healing Circle - EmoTrance In Your Community (Paper)

Click here for course table of contents.


EmoTrance ETDL Entry Requirements:


EmoTrance DL Required Reading:

EmoTrance: Emotions, Information, Energy & Love (2011 Edition) (eBook comes free with course)


EmoTrance DL Is Recommended To:

  • Individuals wishing to gain a thorough grounding in theory and practice of modern energy work;
  • EFT Practitioners wishing to add an additional tool set and background in pure energy work;
  • Healers, therapists, psychologists and medical professionals wishing to add an "invisible" energy approach to their work with clients;
  • Individuals and professionals who need a reliable tool for working with emotions and extreme emotions.


EmoTrance Distance Learning Course Online

EmoTrance Practitioner Certification

Distance Learning Course ETDL


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Maryke Blom, South Africa DON’T THINK TWICE!!! DO IT, GET IT! I guarantee YOU it WILL change your life in EVERY SINGLE way, You think you know energy now, wait till You’ve learned ET then You will truly understand the impact of energy and HOW we control our realities and how we do not have to suffer anymore.

The most important aspect for me was the fact that after all my many years of Energy Healing Training which involved memorising Chakras and colours and Angel names and symbols and sigils, how to clean the auric layers and so on, I still had this thing in my head that Chi/ Energy/ Spiritual Healing isn't meant to be complicated, and then ET came to me and I sat and cried tears of joy, because it’s very very simple but so incredibly powerful. Words cannot explain how much I love ET. The transformations it has bought into my own life, and people I have helped around me! WOW, I wish I could mind link with you so you could see what I’m experiencing because words do no justice! For the first time in my life i feel fulfilled, I ET everything, and it fulfills me. It makes me feel blessed and happy and pain is just something that I can ET away, whether it’s physical or holds no challenge for me anymore and the people that learn this from me are shocked to the degree where they don’t believe the power. I feel sorry for those who are still stuck in doing hours of exercise to open their channels or balance their chakras, I feel sorry for those whom have to go through this whole ceremony before they can do effective energy healing...when ET is just so so simple and so very effective. I’m in love with this’s just awe inspiring!

Maryke Blom, South Africa


Semra Yoldaş Aydıncı EFT and EmoTrance: Effective and transformative courses. EFT is very powerful and effective. Also Emotrance is a powerful and fast transformative beautiful experience. It has never been that easy to remove blockages. Radia's atmosphere, Sandra's (Hillawi)training and the energy of the attendees has been a very useful experience for me for 5 days.

Semra Yoldaş Aydıncı


EmoTrance Practitioner EmoTrance: It is easy and practical system. Compatible with Sibernetic system theories.Thank you.

Berna Metingü Sağdıç


EmoTrance Practitioner I just completed the EmoTrance Training and can say that this gave me a lot of learning about my energy field. Before this I thought I knew about energy flow and how to solve blockages, but I realised my knowledge has been renewed updated and extended. This course helped me alot. Sandra's energy played a big role in it. I am so much looking forward to the Advanced ET Training. I really think I am gaining alot by these AMT courses.

Dilek Bayerzid


EmoTrance Practitioner I am already an very experienced energy worker and this course I saw the power of energy all over again. I felt changes in my emotions and this happened in a really short time. Feeling this effect was really beautiful. I found sandra's (Hillawi) voice impressive and her energy effected me very much so Thank you Sandra.

Racit Sen


EmoTrance Practitioner In these 2 days I met a differnt way of working with energy I didnt know before. I witnessed my energy blockages being transformed in such a simple and interesting way. It is an easy fast and incredibly beautiful technique. I learned that life doesnt need to be difficult. When energy flows life is wonderful. Thank you.

Gemma Kopri


Aslı Aral For EmoTrance the only thing I can say is : ‘this is what I was seeking’ It is so beneficial. Thank you for all trainings.

Aslı Aral


EmoTrance Practitioner EmoTrance being an 'Emotional Remote Control' was one of the comments that was said by one of my trainees in my first EmoTrance Self-help workshop personal experience. For me, as the first Arab EmoTrance trainer, I didn't expect to have great feedback from the trainees about EmoTrance, although I had this great experience myself practising.
I thought that feeling the energy in their bodies will be something strange or may be unacceptable specially for those who know nothing about energy before, or the idea of healing is not there, or maybe it is the first time for them to attend any thing to do with personal development. The thing that I discovered is that it was easy for them to get it, and they began softening and flowing everything, like playing a game. Just as I did when I first learnt EmoTrance, they could not believe that there is finally a technique that enables them having a control over themselves, their lives and their feelings and emotions. They began saying yes it is true, it is working, it is really effective!

Those people that went through the experience easier than others were those who deal with energy often. Even after taking off their hats, backgrounds, experiences and other healing techniques & therapies there is still something that they appreciate to keep it with them. EmoTrance is so easy for them to believe after feeling the effects. I hope I can spread this easy, fast, effective technique all over the Arab world with soften and flow.

Dalia ElGebaly, The first Arab EmoTrance Trainer!


Petra Groschupf, I am an Artist who creates paintings. One day I wanted to paint a new painting, but I didn't have any ideas for a new picture. So I got the great idea to use EmoTrance for this problem.
First I went into contact with the field of the pure awareness and I found a point in my body and in my thoughtfield. I let it soften and flow.

The next was the creative energy. I felt a shield around me and I let the energy flow through my body. Then I got the message to go into contact with my spiritual guiding. I let this energy flow through my body as well.

The next day I was working with a patient's body. Suddenly pictures came up and I observed the energy transformation. The result with the work of EmoTrance was my spirit painting. Now I get great ideas for my paintings and I know the way to get it them is EmoTrance. Now I do not think when I am painting, I only need to follow the inner impulse and the flow of energy.

After this process I felt myself energized and peaceful in my heart.

Petra Groschupf,


EmoTrance Practitioner Live Training Dates

EmoTrance Practitioner Trainers

This is a list of energists qualified to teach the EmoTrance Practitioner course, many of whom may be able to offer you a one-to-one training session. Please click through to their contact details on their profile:

Aynur Apaydin Aynur Apaydin (Izmir, Turkey)
Mark Atkinson Mark Atkinson (England)
Alan Balfour Alan Balfour (West Yorkshire, England)
Vincent Bathea Vincent Bathea (Texas, United States)
  Sonja Beacham (Nottinghamshire, England)
Evelyn Beaulay Evelyn Beaulay
Tina Beckham Tina Beckham (England)
Wendy Birse Wendy Birse (Perth, Scotland)
Carol Borthwick Carol Borthwick (Inverness-Shire, Scotland)
Gisèle Bourgoin Gisèle Bourgoin (Canada)
Kim Bradley Kim Bradley (London, England)
Ruth Bray Ruth Bray (County Cork, Ireland)
Perry Calwell Perry Calwell (London, England)
Sally Canning Sally Canning (Nottinghamshire, England)
Yvonne Carruthers Yvonne Carruthers (Scotland)
Stephen Carter Stephen Carter (Maryland, United States)
Maria Chappell Maria Chappell (South Yorkshire, England)
Deb Cline Deb Cline (Texas, United States)
Larry Cline Larry Cline (Texas, United States)
Toks Coker Toks Coker (London, England)
Patricia DancingElk-Walls Patricia DancingElk-Walls (Texas, United States)
Clare Davison Clare Davison (West Sussex, England)
Janet Deane Janet Deane (Donegal, Ireland)
  Rabea Dehghan (London, England)
Beth Dodd Beth Dodd (Texas, United States)
Dalia El Gebaly Dalia El Gebaly (Egypt)
Sabiha Erdinc Sabiha Erdinc (Turkey)
Lorna Firth Lorna Firth (Cyprus)
Milena Galbraith Milena Galbraith (Massachusetts, United States)
Françoise Gins Françoise Gins (Oxfordshire, England)
Debra Goldston Debra Goldston (Shropshire, England)
Eva Gonzales Eva Gonzales (New Jersey, United States)
Edeltraud Grace Edeltraud Grace (Victoria, Australia)
  Roberta Greene (New Jersey, United States)
Susan Grey Susan Grey (South Carolina, United States)
Ed Grimshaw Ed Grimshaw (Lancashire, England)
  Katherine Harris (Massachusetts, United States)
  Caroline Hedicker (West Sussex, England)
Felicitas Hestermann Felicitas Hestermann (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany)
Deanna Hewett Deanna Hewett (Victoria, Australia)
  Payge Hodapp (Michigan, United States)
Nicola Hok Nicola Hok (England)
Jacqueline Hollander Jacqueline Hollander (Germany)
Teri Howlett Teri Howlett (Berkshire, England)
  Irma Hudson (Missouri, United States)
Richard Hyams Richard Hyams (British Columbia, Canada)
Pam Jackson TAMT Pam Jackson TAMT (Texas, United States)
Denise Jacques Denise Jacques (Co Durham, England)
Lynda Jakiro Lynda Jakiro (Hertfordshire, England)
Lisa Jennings Lisa Jennings (London, England)
Heather Johnston Heather Johnston (Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland)
Aisling Killoran Aisling Killoran (Dublin, Ireland)
  Gemma Kopri (Turkey)
  Magdi Kovacs (Hampshire, England)
Christiana Kriechbaum-Hinteregger Christiana Kriechbaum-Hinteregger (Croatia)
Irene Lambert Irene Lambert (Derbyshire, England)
Kym Lawn Kym Lawn (Queensland, Australia)
Bruce Lawson Bruce Lawson (Kent, England)
Tony Leake Tony Leake (Nottinghamshire, England)
  Kenny Lochrie (Aberdeenshire, Scotland)
Teresa Lynch Teresa Lynch (New Jersey, United States)
  Dayle Malen (Louisiana, United States)
Ray Manning Ray Manning
Peter Marsland Peter Marsland (Essex, England)
  Steven Mathias (California, United States)
Adrienne McAllister Adrienne McAllister (County Antrim, Northern Ireland)
Helen McCrarren Helen McCrarren (Ireland)
Andrea Mlezivova Andrea Mlezivova (London, England)
Laura Moberg Laura Moberg (Sweden)
Janice Neighbor Janice Neighbor (Arkansas, United States)
  Karen Neil (County Durham, England)
  Piper Padillia (Rhode Island, United States)
Guillermo Peña Acuña Guillermo Peña Acuña (Alicante, Spain)
Harry Pickens Harry Pickens (Kentucky, United States)
  Allan Pimentel (London, England)
  Lois Pimentel (London, England)
Lilian Poultney Lilian Poultney (North Humberside, England)
  Guy Proulx (Ontario, Canada)
  Frank Quinton (Warwickshire, England)
Roy Riseborough Roy Riseborough (Lincolnshire, England)
Eric Robins Eric Robins (California, United States)
  Jonah Robins (Los Angeles, United States)
Lauren Rosenberg Lauren Rosenberg (London, England)
Helen Ryle Helen Ryle (Kerry, Ireland)
  Andras Saghy (Hungary)
  Margaret Saghy (Hungary)
Sevgi Şahin Sevgi Şahin (Turkey)
Barbara Saph Barbara Saph (Hampshire, England)
Heidi Saputelli Heidi Saputelli (Switzerland)
Sue Sawyer Sue Sawyer (Hampshire, England)
Jan Scholtes Jan Scholtes (Zuid Holland, Netherlands)
Heike Schonert Heike Schonert (Germany)
  Zeev Sieradzki (Israel)
  Jan Sigsworth (Kent, England)
Shayn Smith Shayn Smith (Colorado, United States)
John Staples John Staples (Maryland, United States)
Anne Sweet Anne Sweet (Surrey, England)
William Taylor William Taylor
Joanne Thompson Joanne Thompson (Ontario, Canada)
Sam Thorpe Sam Thorpe (East Sussex, England)
Sally Topham Sally Topham (London, England)
Merve Tufekci Merve Tufekci (Turkey)
Margreet Vink Margreet Vink (Noordholland, Netherlands)
Nanette L Waller Nanette L Waller (Oklahoma, United States)
Ilka Wandel Ilka Wandel (Germany)
Jondalyn Whitis Jondalyn Whitis (New York, United States)
Vassilia Williams Vassilia Williams (Wales)
  Raymond Williams (Michigan, United States)
  Pauline Withers (Hampshire, England)
Tom Wynn Tom Wynn (Dublin, Ireland)
Reto Wyss Reto Wyss (Berne, Switzerland)
Gülbahar Yeni Gülbahar Yeni (Izmir, Turkey)
Daniela Ziehn Daniela Ziehn (Germany)

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