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1st & 2nd November 2014

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Project Sanctuary Master

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The Project Sanctuary Masters Distance Learning/Home Study Course. Learn the language of the energy mind through immersion and direct interaction using the Project Sanctuary method created by Silvia Hartmann. This course is designed to make the successful student proficient in the use of modern metaphor work, metaphor energy work, metaphor therapy and metaphor healing as well as in story development and the creation of personal threshold shifts for self and others.

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The Project Sanctuary Masters Course PSDL

Project Sanctuary Master - Certification Distance Learning Course

Written & Created by Dr Silvia Hartmann - Certified by The Sidereus Foundation

PSDL Distance Learning Course In 8 Units Plus Final Certification Assignment

With Full Tutor Support by Dr Silvia Hartmann, Creator of Project Sanctuary

Course Materials Include

  • 8 Fully Illustrated Course Units,
  • The Comprehensive Project Sanctuary Students Handbook,
  • The PS Student's Guide To Sex In Sanctuary
  • Project Sanctuary Manual Ebook Reference,
  • Project Sanctuary & Events Psychology Special Report

Successful Students Receive The Project Sanctuary Masters Certificate with the DragonSeal & are included in the Project Sanctuary Master's Roll Of Honour.


PSDL Entry Requirements:


PDSL Required Reading:


Featuring an impressive range of unique, structural and content free exercises created by Silvia Hartmann, Creator of Project Sanctuary:

For each student, the course will be entirely unique, as each student works with their own systems, their own fascinations and their own challenges throughout.

Successful students will have gained life skills of decoding intrapersonal metaphor and a new level of communications excellence.

As a certified Project Sanctuary Master, the successful student will have learned and integrated a complete and extremely expansive new modality of working with the energy mind.

Successful students will be able to use Project Sanctuary patterns in the course of other forms of treatment, such as EFT, Hypnosis, Events Psychology, Counselling, Success Coaching etc. and will be able to facilitate self help, groups and other individuals in a tremendous variety of visionary and energy based practises which include but are by no means limited to:

  • memory enrichment
  • autogenic sensory development
  • therapeutic metaphor work
  • dream resolution
  • shamanic work
  • advanced grid & matrix work
  • past life regression
  • meditations and journeys
  • advanced inner child healing
  • daemon and shadow side work
  • autogenic healing work
  • advanced timeline work
  • memory retrieval
  • myth & metaphor
  • archetypes
  • understanding intuition
  • working with artefacts
  • healing & sleep habitats
  • working with autogenic entities
  • communication confidence
  • bereavement resolution
  • very advanced energy work
  • intelligence enhancement
  • soul healing


Fully guided by exquisite exercises and experienced tutor support, past students have called this course "life changing". This is because each exercise is designed to allow the student to reach a "threshold shift" on the topic in hand.

This means that the student has reached a breakthrough insight, gained a new skill or understanding, or resolved a problem or question which may have been with them for a long time.

The Project Sanctuary Course affords the student the opportunity to experience their own threshold shifts on topics of their choice as they move step by step through the exercises in each course unit.

  • The Project Sanctuary Masters Course is a delightful personal, intellectual and creative challenge on many levels.

The student will experience *many* threshold shifts along the way which will not just significantly enhance intelligence, creativity, the ability to understand and navigate n-complex systemics with confidence and ease, and to work with human phenomena of mind and spirit across the board, but will also lead to a profound deepening of compassion, understanding and trust in the self.


The Project Sanctuary Masters Course Is Recommended To:

  • Therapists and healers wishing to expand their abilities to work with living metaphor;
  • Teachers and trainers wishing to create custom stories, journeys and metaphors for their participants;
  • Creatives and artists who wish to further expand and profit from their creative potential;
  • Innovators who wish to expand their ability to formulate, test and perfect in an autogenic environment;
  • Students of advanced personal development who wish to dramatically expand their chest of tools;
  • Students of NLP and Hypnosis who wish to enhance their abilities to work with living metaphor, organic systemics and autogenic realities;
  • Energy psychology, EFT, EmoTrance and Events Psychology practitioners.


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Project Sanctuary Master's Course

Tutored by Silvia Hartmann

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Project Sanctuary Master Trainers

This is a list of energists qualified to teach the Project Sanctuary Master course, many of whom may be able to offer you a one-to-one training session. Please click through to their contact details on their profile:

Margarita Foley Margarita Foley (, Ireland)
Laura Moberg Laura Moberg (Sweden)
Nicola Quinn Nicola Quinn (East Sussex, England)
Detlev Tesch Detlev Tesch (Austria)
Margreet Vink Margreet Vink (Noordholland, Netherlands)
Ilka Wandel Ilka Wandel (Germany)

Due to high-demand this course is currently unavailable for new students. To register interest please:

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