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AMT Energy Conference 2015
The View Hotel, Eastbourne, UK
10th-11th October 2015

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AMT Energy Conference 2015


A Beginner's Guide To Positive Energy - In Under 5 Minutes

A Beginner

Here is a video, under five minutes, to explain energy body stress and how positive energy helps to absolute beginners. Feel free to share this video and post it on your own website to help educate as many people as possible to the reality of the energy body.

Available in English, German & Spanish.

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World Mental Health Day - 10th October 2013

World  Mental Health Day - 10th October 2013

Today, 10th October 2013, is World Mental Health Day. To celebrate The AMT are pleased to release the Energy Body Stress Chart by Silvia Hartmann, that appears in her 2013 book Positive EFT.

The Energy Body Stress Chart is a great tool to help overcome stress, which is a major cause of mental health around the world. Simply use Energy EFT tapping to work your way down the chart and into the positives!

Read on for the full chart...

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Kirlian Photography Makes TAT Changes Visible

Eva Marklund writes: A few months ago I had the opportunity to have Kirlian photography taken by an Acupuncture physician. This is used as a very specific diagnostic tool in the German system of Colorpuncture. Here are the before and after pictures and what happened when I did a round of TAT.
Posted Feb 13, 2003 9,887 Reads More Information ->

Acu Point / Meridian Point Location Chart

All main meridian points / acupoints in one handy compilation chart.
Posted Jan 4, 2003 40,664 Reads More Information ->

Meridian Chart & Map Of Meridians / Meridian Points / Acupoints

Meridian Chart & Map Of Meridians / Meridian Points / Acupoints

Following many requests, here is a large image chart of the main body meridians and corresponding meridian / acupoint location charts. If you need to know where GV 12 or LI 8 can be found - here is the diagram and lists of meridian points for you.

Further Information:

Posted Jan 4, 2003 696,760 Reads More Information ->

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Points Diagram To Customise

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Points Diagram To Customise

For our growing collection of diagrams, here is an attractive EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques chart and diagram with all points marked out, including UB. Add your own descriptions, points abbreviations etc. in your own language. Available in 3 handy sizes. To save to your own computer ...

Posted Dec 3, 2002 30,251 Reads More Information ->

Try EFT For Yourself!

Try EFT For Yourself!

Here is a full EFT protocol with EFT diagram of the EFT tapping points and explanations for you to try and print out for future use.

Posted Sep 19, 2002 63,362 Reads More Information ->

Small Points Diagram w. Abbreviations

Small Points Diagram w. Abbreviations

Barbara Stuart writes: Here is a diagram of the main meridian points with the abbreviations, i.e. BL 2 = Bladder 2 = EB = Eyebrow etc.

Posted Jun 17, 2002 13,803 Reads More Information ->

2 Minute Stress Relief With Touch & Breathe

2 Minute Stress Relief With Touch & Breathe

As an introduction to relaxing by stimulating major body meridians, here is an online animation of a shortened Touch & Breathe protocol which can be used to introduce people to the stress relieving properties of meridian and energy therapies such as EFT. Pass on the link to stressed people and keep it handy if you need a quick break from stress.

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