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EFT, The Unusual Diseases Question, And Three Lines Of Enquiry

by Silvia Hartmann

EFT, The Unusual Diseases Question, And Three Lines Of Enquiry

Have you heard this one?

"I (or someone I know) suffers from (insert ANY disease known to mankind). I'm thinking of using EFT - BUT do you know of anyone else who has successfully overcome/healed (disease X) and HOW did they do it?"

Sometimes, you can refer the person to an existing case history, which may or may not be relevant to this case in hand; sometimes you quote Gary Graig and shrug your shoulders and say, "Well just start tapping, Gary says to try it on EVERYTHING ..."

I thought about WHY people ask this question in the first place.

WHY don't they just start to tap somewhere and see where it goes?

Perhaps they just don't know WHERE to start.

So came up with three "lines of enquiry" to recommend in answer to the "what do you do if someone has disease X?" question, which between them, should point even a beginner in the right direction.

Here they are:

Line of Enquiry 1: Thoughts

1. Use opening statements relating to thoughts about and awareness of the disease, ie "Even though my blood pressure is too high ...," - "Even though I suffer from ..." , "Even though I have (insert name of illness) ..." - "Even though the doctor says this is incurable ..." etc.

Line of Enquiry 2: Events

2. Use opening statements relating to the timeline of events, ie what happened just before the onset of the illness. "Even though I lost my job ..." - "Even though my husband came back from Iraq ..." - "Even though my mother died ..." etc.

Line of Enquiry 3: Feelings

3. Use opening statements relating to the actual feelings in the body, ie. "Even though this feels like someome is strangling me ..." - "Even though the pain is like fire ..." - "Even though this pain is killing me ..."

Between those three lines of EFT enquiry, something will likely shake loose and you'll notice an improvement, even if it is only SOME improvement.

If you are the patient, start with the line of enquiry that seems the most urgent or important to you; if you are a practitioner, you can offer the choice of the three lines of enquiry to the client, or take them through all three one session at a time, in the order you deem best.

As you tap through the opening statements generated by the three lines of enquiry, quite a bit of experience and practice builds up and after having worked with all three, a very rounded and holistic treatment, but also UNDERSTANDING of the disease begins to emerge.

Importantly however, this simply model of the 3 Lines Of Enquiry gives people a place to START TAPPING in the first place - which is the most important event of them all.

Dr Silvia Hartmann
March 2009

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Posted Mar 13, 2009 by Silvia Hartmann   
Silvia Hartmann
Silvia Hartmann

Born in Germany in 1959, Silvia Hartmann has lived and worked in the United Kingdom since 1978. Hartmann is the developer and primary designer of Energy EFT, Energy Hypnosis, Project Sanctuary, The Genius Symbols, The Harmony Program, EmoTrance, and Events Psychology, as well as author, researcher, and international lecturer.

In 1998, Hartmann co-founded The Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies (The AMT) thus forming the worlds first certifying body behind the then new EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. Also in 1998, Hartmann wrote the first book on EFT called "Adventures in EFT: The Essential Guide to Emotional Freedom Techniques".

To this day, Hartmann continues to lead the AMT as chairperson and continues to evolve the field with her leadership. In 2011, Hartmann launched the EFT Master Practitioner Qualification which has been heralded as "next generation Emotional Freedom Techniques" following Gary Craig's retirement in 2010.

In April 2014, Hartmann revealed the brand-new three-day EmoTrance course Energy-in-Motion Master Practitioner Qualification which is based on 12 years of original research since the original advanced energy technique was developed in 2002.

As a modern energy researcher, her work has so far produced a workable definition of emotions, a new system to explain human behaviour, and the decoding of the language of metaphor. Hartmann continues to push forward the boundaries of human excellence research and is best known for her inspiring books and articles, such as Adventures in EFT, Advanced Patterns of EFT, EmoTrance, Energy EFT and most recently Positive EFT.

Silvia Hartmann is also an artist and fiction author who rose to world-wide prominence in 2012 as the “Naked Writer” for cloud-sourcing her novel “The Dragon Lords” live in front of an audience of 13,000 readers. Described by the New Yorker as being the “best tech-lit stunt in recent memory,” the Chicago Tribune also suggested that it heralded a “New chapter for the publishing industry.”

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