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Love EFT: Positive EFT For Love, Romance & Relationships by Silvia Hartmann

Love EFT: Positive EFT For Love, Romance & Relationships by Silvia Hartmann

Make Love YOUR Goal!

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Modern EFT & Energy Work Comes To Australia! - 11-23 August 2016

Modern EFT & Energy Work Comes To Australia! - 11-23 August 2016

This August in Port Melbourne, there is the opportunity to become a Modern GOE Energist Trainer with renowned trainer and author Sandra Hillawi, and be among the first to take advantage of the new Gold Rush in personal development, coaching and professional advancement. A first for Australia.

Read on for more details...

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AMT Energy Summit 2015

AMT Energy Summit 2015

The AMT has just held their fabulous live AMT Energy Conference this past weekend in the UK and whilst it was great to see lots of you there, we appreciate it’s difficult for many of you to join us in person.

Now that The AMT has members in about sixty countries we’d like everyone to experience a bit of the energy conference magic, so starting from today we’re launching the inaugural AMT Energy Summit 2015 and we’d very much like you to take part!

You'll be treated to presentations by Silvia Hartmann, Richard Flook, Amy Kiberd (HayHouse), Ted Wilmont, Sharon King, Susan Kennard, Corah Clark, Alex Kent, Ray Manning, Peter Delves, Alfred Heath, Jimmy Petruzzi, Kirsten Ivatts, Alan Balfour, Barry Smale, Tim Franklin, Mark Appleford, Margarita Foley, Sam Thorpe, Beatrice Salmon-Hawk, Dr Liz Boath, Prof Tony Stewart, Katerina Kalchenko, Oli Peltier & Sandra Hillawi.

It’s free-of-charge if you're already an AMT member. If you'd like to join then subscriptions start at £29.97 for the year, which includes the AMT Energy Summit and you will also receive The AMT's printed magazine The Energist delivered to your door.

Signup Now

Read on for instructions on how to take part...

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Guild Of Energists SUE Scale Pull-Up Banner

Guild Of Energists SUE Scale Pull-Up Banner

The high quality Guild Of Energists (GOE) SUE Scale Pull-Up Banner is a great way to demonstrate Silvia Hartmann's SUE Scale to clients and trainees in workshops, live trainings and one-to-one sessions. Pleasing to the eye, professional and colourful, the SUE Scale pull-up banner is perfect for brightening any room.

Highly recommended for Trainers and Practitioners who hold client sessions, workshops and trainings on a regular basis.

Posted Jul 26, 2015 1,822 Reads More Information ->

Get a Free EMO Demo!

Get a Free EMO Demo!

August 8th marks International World Energy Day, and to celebrate we are teaming up with some of most experienced EMO (EmoTrance) Practitioners to offer free 10-minute demonstrations or talks via phone or Skype!

Read on for the full article...

Posted Aug 8, 2014 3,995 Reads More Information ->

EFT & Energy Conference 2014: Presentations Announced

EFT & Energy Conference 2014: Presentations Announced

The AMT is delighted to announce the full line-up of first-class Presenters at the 2014 EFT & Energy Conference! This year's event, taking place on 1st & 2nd November at the Eastbourne Centre on England's sunny south-coast, features more than 20 unique presentations from a fantastic range of presenters.

Posted May 22, 2014 2,070 Reads More Information ->

EMO: Show Me You

EMO: Show Me You

AMT Trainer and Presenter Sam Thorpe writes: 

One of the most profound experiences for which I am grateful to Silvia is the beautiful and loving exercise of shaking someone's hand and giving them full attention whilst you say; "I don't know you. I would like to know you. Show me you."

Posted Apr 25, 2014 2,017 Reads More Information ->

EMO Case Story: Painful Headache Evaporated in Just 15 minutes!

EMO Case Story: Painful Headache Evaporated in Just 15 minutes!

Evelyn Beaulay, a newly qualified EMO (Energy In Motion) Master Practitioner has written two wonderful case stories that illustrate the simplicity of the technique formally known as EmoTrance.

Evelyn writes: I recently completed the Energy in Motion (EMO) Master Practitioner Training in London, Gatwick for which I thank everyone immensely for helping me with my goal and a BIG THANK YOU to Silvia for passing the wisdom in a concise, simple and easy to comprehend.

On my journey home from the training, I had anticipated a quiet and relaxing evening to ponder on what I have learnt from the course thus far and how I would like to incorporate into my existing coaching practice.

Upon arrival, I was excited and called on my son (14 year-old) who was groaning in pain and was up in his room; unusual for a teen who is normally interacting with his friends on play station console.

Posted Apr 9, 2014 2,307 Reads More Information ->

2014 EFT & Energy Conference - Tickets Now On Sale!

2014 EFT & Energy Conference - Tickets Now On Sale!

Tickets have now gone on sale for the 2014 EFT & Energy Conference which this year takes place on the 1st & 2nd November in the United Kingdom. We're also excited to announce the new venue!

Please see:


Posted Mar 25, 2014 1,980 Reads More Information ->

Energy in Motion - Course Details Announced

Energy in Motion - Course Details Announced

Silvia Hartmann will be presenting the inaugural AMT Master Practitioner of Energy-in-Motion next month (4th to 6th April 2014) near London Gatwick UK and today we're very pleased to announce first-details on the course content...

Posted Mar 10, 2014 1,923 Reads More Information ->

French EmoTrance Book Now Available!

French EmoTrance Book Now Available!

In September we told you about a brand-new French language EmoTrance book by Gisèle Bourgoin and Caroline Beauchamp that had been written. We are delighted to announce that the book is now available to purchase!

To purchase your copy of the book please visit the Official Website, or read on for photos from the official launch party that happended this week...

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French EmoTrance Book Launched

French EmoTrance Book Launched

AMT members Gisèle Bourgoin and Caroline Beauchamp have written the worlds first book on EmoTrance in the French language. The title is called "ÉMOTRANCE Comment transformer vos émotions et votre vie" and the book was launched at the « Salon du Mieux-Être » Exhibition.

Read on for launch photos and ordering instructions...

Posted Sep 11, 2013 2,327 Reads More Information ->

Frontal & Occipital Hold and EmoTrance

Frontal & Occipital Hold and EmoTrance

Master EmoTrance Trainer Patricia DancingElk shares an effective way of combining EmoTrance with the Occipital/Frontal Lobe Hold.

Patricia writes: Most practitioners have experienced a client that has an energy that comes up for release to be so intense that the client has a mini-melt down. And, hopefully, most practitioners have a method in their pocket for handling this situation and don't leave the client in trauma.

As a Master Trainer for EFT and EmoTrance, I have seen the effect that this has on the practitioners in training. Some go straight into healing mode and assist the client through it. Some go into panic mode and don't know what to do. That's where I come in...

Posted Jul 19, 2013 2,844 Reads More Information ->

First Information: Two Day AMT Trainers Training

First Information: Two Day AMT Trainers Training

New! Starting September 2013, the AMT will be replacing our one-day energist trainer qualification with an all-new two day training written by AMT chairperson and training director Silvia Hartmann. This course assumes you’re already a proficient and experienced AMT energist practitioner looking to take your career to the next-level.

In this intensive two-day training you’ll cover all aspects of event organising, business acumen, marketing and publicity - as well as using energy tools to release blockages and excite you about the adventure ahead. 

Silvia Hartmann will be presenting the new syllabus on both sides of the atlantic:

Posted Jul 10, 2013 1,893 Reads More Information ->

EmoTrance Case Story: The Energy of Food

EmoTrance Case Story: The Energy of Food

AMT Trainer Tony Leake has written a case story which details one clients battle with weight issues, and how using EmoTrance to adjust her energetic relationship to food has made some big changes in her life.

Tony writes: Ellie came to me as she has been struggling with weigh loss for several years.

When she arrived she was very tense, visibly, she sat with her legs crossed and her arms folded.
I explained very briefly that we deal with emotions but we take all of the labels off them, and then we call it energy instead.

She said that she didn't know what to expect and was feeling a little nervous. Perfect, I asked her where she felt that nervousness in her body and began to show her emotrance...

Posted May 29, 2013 2,181 Reads More Information ->

EmoTrance Case Story: Work Stress? What Stress!

EmoTrance Case Story: Work Stress? What Stress!

AMT Trainer Tony Leake from Nottinghamshire, England writes: Heather has previously done a couple of EFT sessions with me. Although she got a lot from them but hasn't been for a while. She described the previous sessions as being very intense and had found that talking about previous aspects had been uncomfortable for her.

I suggested that we try another session with EmoTrance as a way to help her without ever needing to talk which she agreed would be a good thing...

Read on for the full case story

Posted May 16, 2013 2,277 Reads More Information ->

EmoTrance Case Story: EmoTrance & Headaches

EmoTrance Case Story: EmoTrance & Headaches

AMT Trainer Magreet Vink from the Netherlands writes: I have been a headache person for as long as I know. I fell from the back of my father's bike when I was four, had a concussion at the time and I always blamed this for my headaches. There were times when I had to take pain killers every day, just to keep functioning.

I have never been able to tap away my headaches or to EmoTrance them away. I always thought it is just something I have to live with...

Posted Feb 20, 2013 6,484 Reads More Information ->

EFT & EmoTrance Case Story: The Unfolding of a Guiding Star Event

EFT & EmoTrance Case Story: The Unfolding of a Guiding Star Event

EmoTrance & EFT Master Practitioner Suheyla Pinar-Alper from Turkey writes: This an account of a combined session (two hours) of EFT and Emotrance with the unfolding of a guiding star event. My client came in with intense back and neck pain. She left totally relaxed, pain-free and smiling.

She was a 42 year-old professional woman, married and mother of a 4-year old. She came to me suffering from intensive back pain, neck pain and stiffness. She had been receiving physiotherapy since September. On the Sue Scale she described her state as a minus 5.

Posted Dec 21, 2012 2,842 Reads More Information ->

EmoTrance For Children Radio Interview With Dr Lynch

EmoTrance For Children Radio Interview With Dr Lynch

AMT Trainer Dr Terry Lynch from New Jersey, USA, explains how she has been using EmoTrance with children and teenagers to help them overcome challenges in life, at school and in sports.

Posted Feb 17, 2012 7,137 Reads More Information ->

Full Conference Schedule EmoTrance 2012 Announced!

Full Conference Schedule EmoTrance 2012 Announced!

A wonderful, sparkling line up of energy experiences, new patterns and techniques and never-before published EmoTrance techniques to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of EmoTrance!

For all EmoTrance practitioners world wide, this is the place to be. Priceless inspiration in the true sense of the word, uplifting, re-charging, energizing - the very best in modern energy awaits ...

Posted Feb 15, 2012 8,112 Reads More Information ->

2011 EFT & Energy Conference - Full Report

2011 EFT & Energy Conference - Full Report

Last weekend The AMT played host to the 2011 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference here in the UK. This was the largest event we’ve ever organised and it was awesome seeing so many of us all in the same place at the same time. Thanks to all the presenters & guests for making the conference truly remarkable. Thanks also to all the people who’ve posted back their feedback and uploaded pictures. We’ve posted some of these online for you to see...

Posted Nov 18, 2011 2,408 Reads More Information ->
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