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EFT Case Story: Energy in the ICU

by John Staples

EFT Case Story: Energy in the ICU

John Staples from Maryland, USA writes: When my grand son was born on June 25 of this year we were there and it was extremely stressful for all involved and particularly him. He was stuck in the birth canal for a long time and it turned out he was not getting enough oxygen. When he finally came out he was gray and stressed and his Apgar score was a 2-3. They immediately put him on oxygen and the physician said he had several issues that were troubling which needed to be resolved, and he would have to remain in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for several days or longer.

Once he was in the NICU, I asked the Dr. if I could touch him. He said I could and as he had a cannula for oxygen and was not under a tent, I had easy access to him. Unlike any tapping session I have ever experienced, this client was connected to every kind of system monitor available in a hospital setting. His blood pressure, pulse rate, blood oxygen level, body temperature, etc. were all displayed on a monitor within two feet of my face. When I first started tapping all of his readouts were erratic and bounced above and below the acceptable limits for a newborn. Consequently, the alarms on each of the different system monitors were constantly alerting and flashing so the nurses would know his status. The nurses would increase the limits on the monitors so they did not alert as often and that worried me, but they seemed to be fine with it, and it was less stressful with fewer alarms. After I had tapped for about half an hour, it was apparent that the wide range of all of his systems was narrowing and becoming less erratic.

From the beginning I tapped "I was stuck in the birth canal." and then "I was afraid." and then "I did not have enough oxygen." I tapped some more and his blood oxygen level was almost normal, his pulse and body temperature had narrowed to an almost normal range, and his blood pressure had stopped fluctuating so widely. He was still occasionally exceeding the alarm levels which the nurses had since decreased as they realized his readouts were not ranging as widely as when he first arrived in the NICU. At this point I began to tap "I choose to be well and heal quickly and safely." and then "I choose to be perfect and healthy."

That evening before going to bed I did surrogate tapping on him for about an hour. I continued with "I choose to be perfect and healthy", and a few others which I don't remember.

The next morning the Dr's did their evaluation of his condition, which they assured us the day before would not necessarily be encouraging based on his difficulty in birth, and they had scheduled a couple of procedures he would need to help resolve his respiratory problems. They were amazed. "We can't explain it but..." All of the issues he had presented the day before had been resolved. Blood gas, oxygen level, respiratory rate, pulse, blood pressure, air escaped into his diaphragm, etc. were normal or resolved. Based on his condition they felt he would be released later that day after they did another evaluation.

Mother and child went home that afternoon! One of the nurses who had been in the NICU when I was tapping asked as we were leaving what I had done. I explained and she asked about training. She had seen something she had never seen before!

So, Mr. Ever Storm (last name) (how about that name for a difficult childbirth!), is now passing all the milestones in infant development ahead of schedule. I think he found the process helpful.
He is an incredibly calm and easy baby. He only cries to get mom to feed him. We visit every few weeks and I spend a half hour twice a day tapping with him and he never fusses or resists. I tap, "I celebrate my perfection." "I am wonderful." "I am healthy and hearty." "I am loved."

John Staples
Fenwick Cottage

Here is Mr. Ever Storm, happy and healthy!

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Posted Sep 26, 2012 by John Staples   
John Staples
John StaplesI spent 30 years as a Mortgage Banker wondering what life was about and why I felt so empty. Several years ago I began to question everything. I studied religions, metaphysics, meditation, anything that might show me a reason for life and a reason to be on this plane. Finally, I discovered that being of service was my purpose, and I began my journey into energy work. I became a Reiki Master, and experienced the power of love, THE energy. I progressed through different healing modalities until I found EFT. Then I found Silvia and her work and the new protocols she introduced, and realized she was the leading edge of the EFT movement. Since then I have devoted myself to expanding my energy practice and serving the citizen in whatever way I could. I have used the insights, precision and structure of AMT EFT to guide my work. My client base has been Financial Market traders and corporate executives, as I have easy access to that segment of society. My goal is to expand my practice to convicts and other underserved people. I also believe in the advancement of the EFT movement as part of the awakening of man. I chose to devote the rest of my time here channeling my energy toward the enlightenment of myself and all mankind. It’s all about energy. Restore the Even Flow. Namaste.
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