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Meridian Chart & Map Of Meridians / Meridian Points / Acupoints

Meridian Chart & Map Of Meridians / Meridian Points / Acupoints

Following many requests, here is a large image chart of the main body meridians and corresponding meridian / acupoint location charts. If you need to know where GV 12 or LI 8 can be found - here is the diagram and lists of meridian points for you.

Further Information:


Meridian Diagram

The Major Body Meridians

Please be patient whilst this large diagram of the meridians loads (185 kb)


Small Intestine Meridian Points Locations Triple Warmer Meridian Points Locations Large Intestine Meridian Points Locations Stomach Meridian Points Locations Liver Meridian Points Locations Spleen Meridian Points Locations Kidney Meridian Points Locations Heart Meridian Points Locations Governing Vessel Meridian Points Locations Lung Meridian Points Locations Bladder Meridian Points Locations Gall BladderMeridian Points Locations Meridian Channels - The Main Body Meridians

Large Diagram of the main meridian channels and the main body meridians.

Click For Meridian Point Abbreviations & Locations:

Meridian Diagram | Small Intestine | Triple Warmer | Large Intestine | Stomach | Liver

Spleen | Kidney | Heart | Lung | Governing Vessel | Bladder | Gallbladder | AMT Home

Learn EFT with Silvia Hartmann

Click the play-button to discover how tapping on key meridian points releases stuck energy with this 6 minute online EFT video tutorial:

Note: You can also download a free EFT booklet which contains a diagrams of all the points here:

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