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EmoTrance Gatwick 2006 Live Recordings

by Sandra Hillawi, Silvia Hartmann & Nicola Quinn

EmoTrance Gatwick 2006 Live Recordings

This CD/MP3 set is your opportunity to obtain the entire edited audio plus training manuals from the Gatwick 2006 EmoTrance Self-Help Experience & Practitioner Training with Dr Silvia Hartmann PhD, Nicola Quinn & Sandra Hillawi.

EmoTrance Self-Help Experience Training

On the 28th April 2006, EmoTrance co-developer Nicola Quinn presented the brand new EmoTrance Self-Help Experience Day syllabus for the first time at the Europa Hotel, London Gatwick UK. This is your opportunity to purchase the complete edited audio recordings that where made that day as well as the comprehensive EmoTrance Self-Help Experience day workshop training manual.

Track Listing:

  1. Introduction by Dr Silvia Hartmann, PhD
  2. Insults Exercise
  3. Review of Insults Exercise
  4. Evoking Innocent Energy
  5. EmoTrance Presuppositions
  6. Review of EmoTrance Presuppositions
  7. Ideas & Concepts
  8. Your Creative Template
  9. Gifts Exercise
  10. Review of Gifts Exercise
  11. Heart Healing Conclusion

Total Play Time: 80 Minutes

EmoTrance Practiioner Training

On the 29th April 2006, EmoTrance primary developer Dr Silvia Hartmann, PhD presented the brand new EmoTrance Practitioner syllabus for the first time at the Europa Hotel, London Gatwick UK. This is your opportunity to purchase the complete edited audio recordings that where made that day as well as the comprehensive EmoTrance Practitioner workshop training manual. The first session after lunch was presented by master EmoTrance trainer Sandra Hillawi. Note: This product is available as a package which includes the live recordings from the EmoTrance Experience Self-Help Workshop.

Track Listing:

  1. EmoTrance Practitioner Introduction
  2. Creative Template Revisited
  3. Practitioner Exercise
  4. Review of Practitioner Exercise
  5. Telephone Consultation Exercise
  6. Shields Exercise
  7. Review of Shields Exercise
  8. EmoTrance Theory with Sandra Hillawi
  9. Soothe Down Exercise with Sandra Hillawi
  10. Review of Soothe Down Exercise with Sandra Hillawi
  11. The Even Flow
  12. The Earning of the Money...
  13. The EmoTrance Healing Circle
  14. Energy Evocation Exercise
  15. I Am The Healer!
  16. EmoTrance Practitioner Conclusion

Total Play Time: 2 Hours 57 Minutes

  by Sandra Hillawi, Silvia Hartmann & Nicola Quinn Goto Product Page...
Sandra Hillawi
Sandra Hillawi

Sandra gained a BSc (Hons) in Physics from Manchester University, United Kingdom, and after a successful career in computing, discovered her passion for true physical, emotional and spiritual health.

She trained first as a Master Herbalist, which led her to the study of the emergent field of Energy Psychology in 2000, where she qualified first as a practitioner, then a trainer, and finally as a master trainer. Following her intensive work in private practice and having introduced thousands of people worldwide to the new concepts of energy and health, Sandra Hillawi is now being recognised as major contributor, driving force and acclaimed speaker, teacher and coach. The Love Clinic (DragonRising) was her first published work, expressing her heartfelt passion and desire to help people discover how to use the latest approaches to working with human mind, body and emotion so they can hurt less, love more and love better.

Sandra offers EFT and EmoTrance healing and personal development session, runs live training courses, web conference training plus healing retreats in the UK and Egypt.

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Silvia Hartmann
Silvia Hartmann

Born in Germany in 1959, Silvia Hartmann has lived and worked in the United Kingdom since 1978. Hartmann is the developer and primary designer of Energy EFT, Energy Hypnosis, Project Sanctuary, The Genius Symbols, The Harmony Program, EmoTrance, and Events Psychology, as well as author, researcher, and international lecturer.

In 1998, Hartmann co-founded The Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies (The AMT) thus forming the worlds first certifying body behind the then new EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. Also in 1998, Hartmann wrote the first book on EFT called "Adventures in EFT: The Essential Guide to Emotional Freedom Techniques".

To this day, Hartmann continues to lead the AMT as chairperson and continues to evolve the field with her leadership. In 2011, Hartmann launched the EFT Master Practitioner Qualification which has been heralded as "next generation Emotional Freedom Techniques" following Gary Craig's retirement in 2010.

In April 2014, Hartmann revealed the brand-new three-day EmoTrance course Energy-in-Motion Master Practitioner Qualification which is based on 12 years of original research since the original advanced energy technique was developed in 2002.

As a modern energy researcher, her work has so far produced a workable definition of emotions, a new system to explain human behaviour, and the decoding of the language of metaphor. Hartmann continues to push forward the boundaries of human excellence research and is best known for her inspiring books and articles, such as Adventures in EFT, Advanced Patterns of EFT, EmoTrance, Energy EFT and most recently Positive EFT.

Silvia Hartmann is also an artist and fiction author who rose to world-wide prominence in 2012 as the “Naked Writer” for cloud-sourcing her novel “The Dragon Lords” live in front of an audience of 13,000 readers. Described by the New Yorker as being the “best tech-lit stunt in recent memory,” the Chicago Tribune also suggested that it heralded a “New chapter for the publishing industry.”

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Nicola Quinn
Nicola Quinn
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