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2014 EFT & Energy Conference
South-East United Kingdom
1st & 2nd November 2014

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Welcome to the 7th European

AMT EFT & Energy Conference!

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AMT 2014

Key Details:

Alex Kent, EFT conference organiser


The AMT was founded in 1998 and a year later we held our first energy conference at the Meridian Hotel in London Gatwick, UK. Since the nineties we've been proudly banging-the-drum for modern energy work in all its forms including EFT Tapping and Energy-in-Motion (EmoTrance). Over the years millions of people have now discovered that they too can literary transform their lives for the better. The Internet has made this information much easier to distribute but it is the EFT & Energy Conference that brings people together each year; to learn, share and evolve.

From 2010 to 2013 we made the London Gatwick Europa Hotel our home and each year we had a fabulous conference that brought together fabulous people to listen to fabulous presentations. But this year we feel it is time for something new and exciting to take us forward as we continue to grow. We scoured the United Kingdom looking at countless venues but none of them seemed quite right. That was until we fell in love with heart The View heart.

Alongside over twenty world-class presentations you also have the option of learning something new and gaining new qualifications with our pre & post-conference training options: Introduction to EFT with Positive EFT, EFT Master Practitioner, Energy-in-Motion Master Practitioner, BSFF Introduction, BSFF Practitioner, Master Energist and Energist Trainer.

I look forward to meeting you in person in November - that's just a few months away! Until then, if you have any questions please do get in contact.



Alex Kent
Conference Organiser

PS: Only a few tickets left now!

Conference Presenters & Schedule

With over twenty presentations to choose from, you're spoiled for choice! You don't need to book workshops in advance and we give you the audio/video recorded afterwards free-of-charge, making this a great learning package. You'll also receive the audio/video from our 2013 conference free-of-charge shortly after you book your ticket.

The presentations for the 2014 EFT & Energy Conference include:

Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann - Soul Matters

The energy system is a fascinating place with levels and layers, and so much to discover. By now, almost everybody knows that to mess with the heart centre is a very bad idea and leads to all manner of problems. Finally, people are waking up to the practical reality of such phrases as following your heart, dying of a broken heart, losing heart, having love in your heart ... The heart of energy is indeed, a super system in the human energy body. We have learned that the head cannot rule the heart.

But what rules the heart ...?

Richard Flook

Richard Flook - Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE)

Just suppose you knew how the body energetically created disease. Imagine you knew how to easily reverse that. How many people with pain and serious illness could you help? After 20 years of working with the founders of many energetic disciplines including NLP & EFT, author and international speaker Richard Flook has pieced together the jigsaw puzzle of disease and healing, into one simple system that gives you as an EFTer and/or Matrix Reimprinter, an easy to follow map of where to go and what to look for when assisting your clients to heal. It's name is ACE.

Amy Kiberd

Amy Kiberd - Writing, Speaking and Promotion for Energists

Amy Kiberd from Hay House will be speaking about what you need to know if you are either working on a book you would like to publish, or trying to get clear on how to communicate your core message to a wider audience through speaking, writing and building your platform online. Drawing on seven years of publishing experience, she will guide you through the pros and cons of self-publishing vs traditional publishing, how to put together a professional publishing proposal, what will make you stand out from the crowd – and the very common mistakes that you should avoid!

Ted Wilmont

Ted Wilmont - Connection in the Matrix

"I will talk about my experiences using Matrix Reimprinting that have shown me how we are all connected, and when we practice EFT and Matrix Reimprinting we bring awareness to the client who often feels isolated and powerless. This isolation is where we make negative beliefs and our isolation and limitations are reinforced. My work and experience has shown me that among the first primal beliefs mankind develops is the perception of being cast out and the field of fear that we create from this. Using our powerful energy therapies, as energists we keep our clients out of that fear and they can create feelings of community and inclusion. It is from this knowing that healing and empowerment can occur."

Sharon King

Sharon King - Birth Reimprinting

Sharon King's speciality is transforming your experience of giving birth or being born and any trauma associated with conception, pregnancy and birth. Her training is extensive, with qualifications and experience as a certified practitioner and trainer of many healing modalities; Including EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. Sharon will be discussing: how our belief system is formed during this critical time, the importance of the bonding process to our physical and spiritual health and how we can use energy techniques to create a more empowering experience in our early years.

Oliver Peltier

Oliver Peltier - Project Sanctuary for Beginners

Further details to be announced soon!

Susan Kennard

Susan Kennard - The Heart and Soul of Understanding Relationships

Susan Kennard is a specialist in transforming lives. She incorporates her extensive experience and education to not only empower us to clear our energy fields using EFT and other techniques, but to enhance our understanding of the relationship we have with ourselves and others. She works to find the root cause of the dramatic event that at any time of your life can create a biology of belief that you carry with you. Susan helps you to understand this, and to integrate mind, body and soul to create passion, drive and exhilaration in your life.

Corah Clark

Corah Clark - Plugging Back Into Nature

Corah Clark has been a practicing Transpersonal Psychotherapist since 1997 and has recently enriched her work with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. For the past 20 years Corah has gone on regular silent retreats and 15 years ago, she shaved her head and travelled to India on a year-long quest for connection to a greater Consciousness. She became fascinated by how we have become so disconnected with the life-force energy of our planet. Her talk will look at why, particularly now, it is so important as energists to ‘Plug ourselves back into Nature’. With simple demos and breathing techniques, Corah will look at the benefits to ourselves and those around us, when we tune ourselves back into the Resonance of Life itself.

Alex Kent

Alex Kent - Internet for Energists

Alex Kent is Director of The AMT and is the lead-programmer behind the SpaceNode website network that has a reach of over a million page views per month. He is also the owner and moderator of the largest EFT group on Facebook that currently has over 16,000 people. This workshop is about top tips for energists who want to harness the power of the Internet for self-promotion, productivity and creativity. As well as offering a forum to talk about what has worked well and not-so-well for you, Alex will also be discussing building websites, social media, mailing lists, marketing strategies, online productivity and much more.

Ray Manning

Ray Manning - Stop Feeding Entities that No Longer Serve You

Ray Manning is the co-owner of Accomplish Change Clinic in Dublin, Ireland and a AMT EFT Trainer. This workshop is to remind us that no matter what story, condition or syndrome, the client comes to us with one thing in common, they have a disturbance in their energy body which is making them feel unwell. As energists, tappers and EmoTrancers we are all experienced at letting energy flow and bringing ourselves or others to an energised end state. It’s only their beliefs and your own that make that journey short and easy or long and painful. When we treat the relationship between the person and their problem entity, we can set them free in a whole new way.

Peter Delves

Peter Delves - Get Lucky!

Luck plays a significant role throughout many aspects of our lives, both personal and professional. Are people simply born lucky? Or is luck a form of fate where forces beyond our control conspire to determine what happens to us, or is it something you can actually influence? This lively and practical presentation will show you how to increase your luck. By combining energy work and psychological research there will insights, revelations and changes happening. Peter Delves is a founding member of the AMT and is a trainer’s trainer and mentor. He is also a clinical hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NLP and member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.

Sandra Hillawi

Sandra Hillawi - The Joy of Training

Further details to be announced soon!

Alfred Heath

Alfred Heath – Be Set Free Fast!™

Alfred Heath has been immersed in the alternative and energy healing arts for the last 25 years and has experience and has vast experience with EFT, Reiki, NLP and many other modalities and techniques. Applying a quick-start version of BSFF™, Alfred will assist you to access these two primary touchstones for fulfilment - the life's purpose and heart's desire - and provide a methodology for guiding clients to do the same using any energy psychology technique. These two key aspects of human experience are universal to spirituality, secular fulfilment and balancing work with home life. This talk will introduce the amazingly fast and elegant method BSFF™ to those unfamiliar with it, and provide fresh appreciation of its power, speed, and depth to those who are.

Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann - Marketing for Energists

In June of this year, Silvia Hartmann brought together a special think tank to tackle the evergreen problem of MARKETING from the Energist's perspective and from the ground up. Modern energy work is a hugely important contribution to mankind at this time and it is essential that the few modern Energists who are out there in the real world connect with the right people. Not only that, but to connect with the right people in a way that is THE ENERGIST'S WAY - with joy, with love, with excitement, with ENERGY. In this presentation, Silvia will share the findings of the research group, transform our effectiveness and delight at bringing our products, services, our messages, and most of all, our selves "to the global market."

Jimmy Petruzzi

Jimmy Petruzzi – Excel at Business

Jimmy Petruzzi is the best-selling author of Excel at Sports and Excel at Business. He is also a world-renowned performance coach and Director of The NLP Centre of Excellence. Some of the best professionals and practitioners in their field fail to make a living out of what they are passionate about. Jimmy will share with you some powerful cutting edge business tips and techniques to help you in the professional world of business. Whether you are an established entrepreneur or just starting out in your first business, this seminar has something for everyone.

Kirstin Ivatts

Kirstin Ivatts – Home & Hearth - The Spirit of Your House

Kirsten Ivatts has had a strong connection to the land all her life. Now she has combined this connection with modern energy work to offer an exciting new approach for working on your own energy system and to benefit your clients too! This technique can clear entities in an effortless way, whether they are spirits, entities created by you, or past aspects of previous home owners and their families. And by clearing these energy blocks clients have reported a feeling of ease, lightness and happiness. Problems can be faced, overcome or simply fade away. In this presentation Kirsten will tell you the story of how this technique was discovered, and how it has helped others. She will explain how and why this technique is a must for any energist to use on themselves AND on their clients.


Alan Balfour

Alan Balfour - The Orgonite Saga, Positive EFT & a Bit of Grounding

Alan Balfour holds degrees in biology, with a PhD from the Department of medicine at the University of Liverpool and he ran a diagnostics laboratory for 18 years. He is also a trainer in Energy EFT, Positive EFT & Energy in Motion (EmoTrance) with The AMT. Last year Alan became aware of “orgonite”, a crystal made from resin, metal particles & often including crystals. It appears to generate, enhance & balance energy, including “chi” or the basic life energy. Many people can feel and sense the energy when they hold a piece of the orgonite. Orgonite also seems to enhance intention. Heart shaped pieces of orgonite will available for people to experience during this presentation as we use Positive EFT to become more empowered as we empower the orgonite.

Barry Smale

Barry Smale, Tim Franklin & Mark Appleford - Fully Alive – Shaolin Energy Skills in the Present Day

The Shaolin energy arts have a lineage of over 1500 years. They include the skills to generate, build and nourish energy flow, and clear blocks – elements that are common to all energy therapies. Mark, Tim and Barry have been practising these arts and using them in their therapy work for over 15 years. They will bring to life how these skills can be used with all kinds of therapies and clients.

Katerina Kalchenko

Katerina Kalchenko - What Is In Your Heart? Love or Hate? Peace or War?

"I came from Ukraine – despite the fact that there is a war in my country in the moment, Ukraine is the country where people have a lot of love. Love for the Motherland, love for the freedom, love for the traditions, love for the native language, love for the families and for the kids. Have you ever been in Love? What if in the same time you are poisoning your heart with the hate? How long would you be able to stay in Love? Would you be able to recognize a moment, when there would be the only hate in your heart? The newest history of Ukraine has started from the love. Somebody call it rebellion - we call it Revolution of Dignity. People came to express their love, to protect their love. Yet many of them did not noticed, as suddenly, the hate is settled in their heart."

Margarita Foley

Margarita Foley - Connecting with the Divine - EMO & Prayer

Margarita Foley is a Catholic Sister and an AMT Trainer who has dedicated her life to human and spiritual growth. We can have a variety of reactions when we hear the word ’prayer’. This is due in part to our experience of prayer either in church or in our family. For the most part nowadays the television, the computer or the iPhone have replaced time for prayer for many of us. Emotional Transformation (EmoTrance) is a gift that keeps giving in many areas of our lives. It helps transform our doubts and fears about prayer. When prayer becomes a bedrock experience in our lives we become powerful agents of change.

Sam Thorpe

Sam Thorpe - Aligning the Heart, Balancing the Brain

Sam Thorpe is a META-Health Master Practitioner and Master Trainer. She is also a qualified AMT Advanced EmoTrance, Positive EFT and EFT Master Trainer. Sam will share with you her new techniques of Heart Focused Healing. This combines the most powerful aspects of trauma and stress release with the science of the heart and mind. In these new techniques, Sam explain why we get greater and more profound shifts in energy work when we enter into heart coherence and balancing the hemispheres of the brain.

Beatrice Salmon-Hawk

Beatrice Salmon-Hawk - Losing Weight with EFT & EMO

AMT Trainer Beatrice Salmon-Hawk has used EFT and EMO to lose a total of six stone in weight over the past four years. In her presentation Beatrice will explain how she achieved this feat, how she dealt with her emotional eating, how she trained herself to eat less and how she finally got to accept her new body. Whether you think you have issues with weight and emotional issues or you want to help your clients who do, you will leave her session with useful tools and ideas on how to proceed in the future.

Dr Liz Boath Prof Tony Stewart

Dr Liz Boath & Prof Tony Stewart - Matrix Reimprinting - Research Evidence so Far

Dr Elizabeth Boath is an Associate Professor in Health at Staffordshire University, UK. Liz is an Advanced EFT Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Emotion Code Practitioner.

Tony Stewart is a Professor in Public Health at Staffordshire University and has worked in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) since 1993. He established what is believed to be the first dedicated EFT service in the NHS, an evaluation of which was widely reported on TV, radio and media. Tony and his colleagues at Staffordshire University are actively researching EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, and have published a number of studies and systematic reviews.

Tony and Liz’s presentation will cover two research studies of Matrix Reimprinting – the first ever to be published. These include a service evaluation of Matrix Reimprinting in the NHS, and a study of its use for civilian survivors on the conflict in Bosnia. The results of these studies will be discussed, along with implications for future research.

Please note that all presentations and presenters are subject to change.

Special Offer: Purchase your EFT & Energy Conference tickets today and we'll give you the 2013 conference audio, video & PDF downloads free-of-charge!

Pre & Post Conference Trainings

Whether you're coming from "down the road" or flying thousands of miles to be with us, we've laid on an exciting mix of additional qualifications you can take to make the trip even more worth while. We're also looking forward to presenting the first "AMT Master Energist" certificates at the conference which will be The AMT's most senior qualification!

Introduction to EFT / Positive EFT with Sandra Hillawi - 31st October

Positive EFT

Positive EFT is the brand-new one-day training course written by Silvia Hartmann for working with positives using EFT.

By increasing the energy flow on what we want in life, we start to unlock our own future in new and exciting ways not possible with classic EFT.

This is both a fantastic and fun “Introduction to Energy EFT” course for beginners, as well as being essential for existing practitioners looking for experience working with positive setup statements and breaking free from endless trauma-chasing.

By focussing our energy system on what we want more of in the future, we begin to unlock our own potential, banish negative thought patterns and live happier healthier lives.

Further Info:

Master Energist with Silvia Hartmann - 29th to 31st October

Master Energist

We are excited to announce that Silvia Hartmann will be presenting the brand-new live AMT Master Energist.

Further Info:

EFT Master Practitioner with Wendy Birse - 29th to 31st October

EFT Master Practitioner

The AMT EFT Master Practitioner Course takes the developments from the last 15 years of EFT worldwide and brings them together so that the student can experience a clear, logical, direct and powerful way to resolve problems with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques.

The successful student will hold the AMT EFT Master Practitioner Certification, becomes a full member of TheAMT and will be included in the public register to this effect.

Further Info:

AMT Energist Trainer with Silvia Hartmann - 3rd and 4th November

AMT Energist Trainer

Do you love AMT courses and would like to teach them to others?

This two day training written by Silvia Hartmann will give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed as an AMT Trainer and teach AMT courses to the next generation of energists.

This course assumes you’re already a proficient and experienced AMT energist practitioner looking to take your career to the next-level. In this intensive two-day training you’ll cover all aspects of event organising, business acumen, marketing and publicity, as well as using energy tools to release blockages and excite you about the adventure ahead.

Further Info:

BSFF with Alfred Heath - 3rd November (Self-Help) or 3rd and 4th November (Practitioner)

BSFF with Alfred Heath

Learn BSFF by attending either a 1 day Introduction to BSFF or 2 day BSFF Practitioner training.

The full 2-day training qualifies as the official Basic Practitioner training for BSFF, and those who complete it receive a certificate of training designating them as Basic Practitioners of BSFF. Includes practice, demonstrations, a summary of the BSFF process at work, a review of common mental obstacles preventing one from applying BSFF, how thorough application avoids common problems, Ethical limitations of practice and Q&A.

Further Info:

Ticket Ordering Information

How To Order

The AMT has an online ticket ordering system that accepts payment by bank transfer (preferred), card payments via PayPal, card payments by phone and cheques:

EFT & Energy Conference Ticket Prices

Tickets for the 2014 EFT & Energy Conference are £299.00 GBP but you can purchase tickets today for just £249.00 - that's a saving of £50.00! Plus if you're an AMT Professional Member or AMT Trainer then you'll save an additional 10% off.

Your EFT & Energy Conference Ticket Includes:

  Two days and a night of NEW presentations, exciting workshops and energy events
Last year we had over 20 fantastic presentations, hands on workshops and the latest techniques from the top people in EFT & Energy from around the World.
  Energy Party on the Saturday Night
Energists know how to party!
  Comprehensive 2014 EFT & Energy Conference Manual
Featuring presentations from this year and many from previous years we don't hold back in putting the extra-effort into your conference manual! We work with a publisher and printer to give you this professionally produced keepsake of your time with us. More details tba.
  I heart Energy Goody Bag
The bag itself is perfect for people who love energy to keep all their stuff in and we'll give you lots to get started with!
  Special Bonus: AMT2013 Audio & Video Download Library - Value £99.00
Download last years presentations including: Silvia Hartmann - Positive Energy Stronger, Faster, Smarter, Healthier - But Most Of All, HAPPIER, Rob van Overbruggen - METAMedicine: Change Your View of Health & Illness, Karina Grant - Quantum Touch, Jimmy Petruzzi - Excel at Sports, Karen Bell - EFT for Activists, Alfred Heath - BSFF & Mindbody Orientation, Dr. Liz Boath - Energy in the NHS & Beyond, Jan Scholtes - Explaining Stress, Reto Wyss - The “Inner-Self-Image-Process” Improve your performance, Ilka Wandel - Creativity for Kids, William Taylor - Sacred Sounds, Ray Manning & Aisling Killoran - Tap Out or Burn Out!, Olivia Roberts - Resolution Magic, Silvia Hartmann - Project Sanctuary: Infinite Creativity, Tom Wynn - Energy Cone Technique, Sami Thorpe - The Science of the Heart: The Power of Compassion, Corah Clark - Weighting for Change, Stefan Marcec - Introducing EFT into Schools, Susan Kennard - Help for Soldiers: Helping heroes by working with extreme PTSD, Philip Davis & Christine Sutton - Picture Tapping Technique & Mark Robertson - EFT-Nergy Drum Circle Tapping. For further details on these presentations see the AMT2013 Schedule

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The Venue: Welcome to The View

Situated at the heart of Eastbourne's historic seafront is The View, a hotel rated by Trip Advisor visitors as scoring 90% and being awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” in 2013. Once you step out of any of the hotels many sea-facing balconies it is easy to understand why they are considering changing their name to reflect the gorgeous and unrestricted vistas across the English Channel.

Eastbourne is a beautiful seaside town on the southern coast of the UK and is situated approx 17 miles East of Brighton & Hove and approx 65 miles South of London. Eastbourne has good road links to the M25 and by direct train is about 55 minutes away from London Gatwick International Airport and about 85 minutes away from London Victoria.

Within walking distance of the venue is the South-Downs National Park and also Beachy Head which is the highest chalk sea cliff in Great Britain and a designated area of outstanding natural beauty. This sheltered position contributes to Eastbourne’s title of sunniest place in Great Britain – perfect for the AMT's annual energy gathering.

Also within a few hundred yards is Eastbourne's famous pier and town centre with its wide selection of restaurants, bars, cafés and shops.

Along with its name change from "The Eastbourne Centre", The View has gone through a transformation in the past two years and has been recently refurbished to a high standard. The building is still owned by the Unite Union which is why they offer first-class conference facilities, but the management have begun seeking a name for themselves as a destination hotel on the south-coast.

This is how we've managed to strike such a fantastic good-value deal for our delegates and also why we know you're just going to love it as much as we do.

The Hotel's Features:

  • Hotel rooms at the conference venue start from £53.10/night including breakfast
  • Optionally choose a three-course lunch on both Saturday & Sunday for an extra £29.00 pp (save £8.90 by booking in advance)
  • Friendly staff
  • Free wifi throughout hotel which is fast enough for most people's requirements
  • Premium wifi also available for £5.00 / day.
  • Parking nearby costs just £1.00 per day or £0.20 for 2 hours
  • Facilities for disabled guests
  • Lifts to all floors
  • Restaurant & Bar – both serving traditional English food
  • Wide selection of restaurants and other hotels within a few minutes walk of the venue
  • Roof terrace available to guests staying over
  • Non-smoking throughout the venue but they've got plenty of balconies and outside areas
  • Check-in: 3pm to 10pm
  • Check-out: 7:30am to 10:30pm

Hotel Rooms

We've negotiated hard for the following rates for our delegates (these prices include a 10% discount):

  • Single Room, 1 person, inc breakfast - £53.10/night - sold out
  • Single Room with Balcony, 1 person, inc breakfast - £71.10/night
  • Double/Twin Room (Standard) with Balcony, 1 person, inc breakfast - £107.10/night
  • Double/Twin Room (Executive) with Balcony, 1 person, inc breakfast - £116.10/night
  • Twin Room (Standard), 2 people, inc breakfast - £89.10/night
  • Double/Twin Room (Standard) with Balcony, 2 people, inc breakfast - £125.10/night
  • Double/Twin Room (Executive) with Balcony, 2 people, inc breakfast - £134.10/night

How to Book

Please contact the hotel direct to book your hotel rooms:

  • Phone "The View" and quote our group code "AMT": +44 (0)1323 433 900

Important: The hotel are currently upgrading their online booking system so have recommended that delegates book via phone. It is likely that the hotel will run out of rooms so please book early if you would like to stay at the venue. The hotel have given us a 10% discount which is reflected in the prices shown above. If the hotel does sell out of rooms there are plenty of other hotels within walking distance to choose from. Non-balcony rooms look out inland over Eastbourne and still offer a fantastic view!

Travel Information

Eastbourne Centre


The venue is situated on the main seafront promenade between The Pier and the Wish Tower. On street parking around the venue costs £1.00 / day and you purchase vouchers to display in your windscreen from the venue's reception desk. You can also purchase parking tickets direct from on-street machines with prices starting at £0.20 for two-hours.

The address for your sat nav is:

The View
Grand Parade
East Sussex
BN21 4DN

If you need directions on route please call the hotel direct on: 01323 433 900


Eastbourne has a direct train link to stations including London Victoria (approx 85 minutes), Gatwick International Airport (approx 55 minutes) and Brighton & Hove (approx 35 minutes). Once you arrive at Eastbourne Station you can choose between either a short taxi-ride or 12 minute/0.6 mile walk to the venue:

Air Travel - London Gatwick International Airport

We recommend London Gatwick International Airport for our International visitors as it has a direct line train links with Eastbourne. However, other airports are also available including London Heathrow & London Stanstead and your onward journey could be by coach (either to Eastbourne or London Gatwick Airport), taxi, hire car (car rental) or by using the London tube network.

Travel Links

Get Ready For The EFT & Energy Conference 2014!

Get Ready For The EFT & Energy Conference 2014!

Not long now until the start of The AMT's biggest event of the year, the annual EFT & Energy Conference, November 1-2, in Eastbourne, East Sussex on England's sunshine south coast!

Read on for the full article...

Posted Jul 24, 2014 1,485 Reads Read...

AMT14 - Information for Affiliates

AMT14 - Information for Affiliates

We're keen to work with people who love energy as much as we do!

That's why we are offering you between 10% and 30% of the total ticket prices paid for people you recommend to us. The more people you bring, the bigger percentage you get which we hope rewards you for spending more time on the phone, sharing on the Internet, announcing via email, handing out flyers, talking to your clients, etc.

Posted Mar 28, 2014 1,229 Reads Read...

AMT14 - Call for Presenters!

AMT14 - Call for Presenters!

With the announcement of our new venue and tickets now on sale, we are pleased to invite Presentation Proposals for our 2014 EFT & Energy Conference.

If you're an Energist who is passionate and knowledgeable about a topic then please do apply to present at the Conference. You'll still need to purchase your tickets as this is a community conference but in return we'll help promote you and also invite you to the AMT's Presenter Dinner on the Friday night and treat you to lunch on the day you present.

Posted Mar 26, 2014 7,379 Reads Read...

AMT2014 - First Details...

AMT2014 - First Details...

The AMT team has been meticulously scouring the country looking for the best venue to take the conference forward and by Jove I think we may have found it!

We'll announce more details soon but please put the following dates in your diary:

  • Tickets Go On Sale: Tuesday, 25th March 2014 - You'll get an early-bird rate for booking by 2nd June!
  • Conference Dates/Times: 1st & 2nd November 2014 (9:30am to 5pm)
  • Venue Location: South-East, United Kingdom - Hotel TBA
Posted Mar 18, 2014 1,278 Reads Read...

AMT 2013 EFT & Energy Conference - Report, Feedback & Photos

AMT 2013 EFT & Energy Conference - Report, Feedback & Photos

On Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th November, Energists from all over the world converged on the Europa Gatwick Hotel, London, to take part in the 2013 EFT & Energy Conference!

Read on for a report on the event, and plenty of photos to give you a taste of the fantastic Energy that was on offer...

Posted Nov 20, 2013 2,893 Reads Read...
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