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How To Join The AMT

The AMT welcomes new members who are passionate about modern energy work and are looking for the backing and support of our learned society. We are proud to be the certifying body behind many qualifications, including EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. 

We offer different levels of membership to accommodate you and your current level of experience, so please read through the following list for information on how to join.

Meet our Professional Members...

AMT Standard or Professional Membership?

AMT Standard or Professional Membership?

The AMT offers two types of membership:

  • AMT Professional Membership: For practicing professional energists who see paying clients
  • AMT Standard Membership: Perfect for anyone who loves energy work, including retired professionals, students and for self-help


Membership Benefits

  Non-Member AMT Standard Member AMT Professional Member AMT Trainer
Subscribe Now
£30.00 / year
Join Now
£60.00 / year
How To Join
£120.00 / year
How To Join
Receive Monthly Email Newsletter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Receive Quarterly Printed Magazine "The Energist" No Yes Yes Yes
Member Only Downloads (worth hundreds of £GBP/$USD each year) No Yes Yes Yes
Access to AMT Member Only Forum No Yes Yes Yes
Access to AMT Member Only Facebook Group No Yes Yes Yes
Discount on AMT Energy Conference No Yes Yes Yes
Discount on DragonRising Books, CDs and Distance Learning Courses No 10% 15% 20%
Discount on DragonRising Books & CDs for Resale (3 min quantity) No 30% 40% 50%
Discount on Advertising in "The Energist" - details No 10% 20% 40%
Discount on Practitioner Insurance - details No No Yes Yes
Practitioner / Client Referrals via Phone & Website No No Yes Yes
Use of Letters M. AMT (Member of The AMT) as well as additional letters per qualification passed No No Yes Yes
Priority Given to Conference Presentation Applications No No Yes Yes
Priority Given to Article Submissions for website and "The Energist" No No Yes Yes
Attend AMT Member-only Trainings & Workshops No No Yes Yes
Teach AMT Introduction Courses No No Yes Yes
We promote your events on:        
  • Your AMT member profile
No No Yes Yes
  • AMT events listing
No No No Yes
  • AMT course listing
No No No Yes
  • Monthly email newsletter
No No No Yes
  • Facebook
No No No Yes
Teach AMT Practitioner and Master Practitioner Courses No No No Yes
Licensed to use AMT training materials No No No Yes
Use of Letters T. AMT (Trainer of The AMT) as well as additional letters per qualification passed No No No Yes
Access to AMT Trainer Mentors No No No Yes
Access to AMT Trainer Facebook Group No No No Yes

Introduction To AMT Membership Levels

Non-member - Online Registration

The Learned Society of The AMT invites the general public to register their details online through the website and receive email newsletter updates. You’ll receive special offers, information on upcoming trainings & conferences and the latest news from the world of EFT, meridian & energy therapies.


  • Agree to the AMT website/newsletter terms and conditions
  • Free to signup here: Online Registration

Standard Member

The Learned Society of The AMT offers Standard Membership to all interested laypeople, students or retired professional practitioners & trainers.

Requirements & Subs:

  • Annual fee of £30.00

To become a member, click this link to setup a PayPal subscription:

Professional Member – Practitioner Level

The Learned Society of The AMT offers practitioner level membership to members who work professionally with clients utilising meridian & energy therapies including EFT.

Requirements & Subs:

Professional Member – Advanced Practitioner or Master Practitioner Level

The Learned Society of The AMT offers advanced practitioner or master practitioner level membership to members who work professionally with clients utilising meridian & energy therapies.

Requirements & Subs:

Professional Member – Trainer Level

Sandra Hillawi Testimonial

The Learned Society of The AMT offers trainer level membership to members who train other people in AMT Licensed meridian & energy related trainings.

Requirements & Subs:

  • Either:
    • Be certified in an AMT Advanced Practitioner, L3 or Master Practitioner qualification AND attend licensed AMT Trainer Training - see: Live Trainings
    • Be certified in an AMT Practitioner qualification, L2, Master Practitioner or above qualification AND considerable prior training experience – apply to office
  • Agree to the AMT code of conduct which governs all members
  • Quarterly fee of £30.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to join from other EFT organisations?

Yes, we encourage you to do so.

The AMT welcomes applications from all meridian & energy based professionals, including practitioners of EFT, EmoTrance, TAT, BSFF, etc.

To apply, contact the office and let us know a bit about yourself. 

Note: The AMT's EFT Master Practitioner qualification is highly recommended, even if you've been using the technique for years. Because this course has been written by Silvia Hartmann, you’ll gain new insights and fall in love with EFT all over again.

Do I have to give up my membership of other (EFT) organisations?

The AMT does not ask new members to give up membership with other organisations.

However, many organisations (including other EFT licensing bodies) have been known to have rather more limiting policies. If you’re concerned about breaching their code-of-conduct you should contact them directly.

I'm an experienced Practitioner/Trainer with another organisation - do I need to retake equivalent AMT trainings?

The AMT is happy to offer membership to professional, active and experienced practitioners & trainers without requiring that our equivalent trainings are completed first.

If you’ve got a lot of experience, like what The AMT is about and meet the criteria then we’d be delighted to welcome you onboard.

Please review the levels above and then make an application to our office for membership.

If I join by application, will I be known as an “EFT Master Practitioner” or “Meridian & Energy Therapies Practitioner”

These titles refer to particular AMT certification courses that you’ll have to be certified in to get the certificate. This means either attending a live training, or by completing the corresponding distance learning training.

If for example, you join from another EFT organisation and have good client/practitioner experience behind you then you’ll be listed as a full licensed AMT member who has completed a non-AMT practitioner level qualification.

In the above example, this allows us to list you in our main “EFT Practitioner” database alongside other members who come through the traditional AMT certified & licensed training routes.

My certification/experience is not in EFT but I am a professional energy worker. Can I join TheAMT?

The AMT welcomes all professional and ethical modern energists. The AMT is developing four faculties of energy work. These are:

  1. The Faculty of Energy Healing
  2. The Faculty of Energy Mind Studies
  3. The Faculty of Energy Psychology
  4. Faculty of the Energy Arts

If your training fits into these categories, you can apply to become an AMT member with evidence of your qualifications and experience and providing this satisfies The AMTs standards and code of conduct, you may be able to join.

Alternatives To PayPal

For alternatives to PayPal, visit our renewals page.

Route to AMT Trainer

  • MET Practitioner -> Advanced MET Practitioner -> AMT Trainer or
  • EFT Master Practitioner -> AMT Trainer or
  • EmoTrance Practitioner -> Advanced EmoTrance Practitioner -> AMT Trainer
  • EmoTrance Master Practitioner - > AMT Trainer or
  • Energy Cone Practitioner -> Advanced Energy Cone Practitioner -> AMT Trainer

Once you hold the AMT Trainer qualification and continue to renew your license, you may teach & certify people in AMT qualifications you've got a certificate for.

I've written a live training or distance learning syllabus for a meridian & energy therapies technique or method. How do I submit it to The AMT?

As an umbrella organisation for all types of meridian & energy therapies, we are keen to work with new talent, new ideas and new techniques.

If you would like your syllabus to have the backing of The AMT and be promoted to our members then please make an application to the office.

We are also able to incorporate existing membership organisations within ourselves, so if you've been running your own membership schemes and would like to outsource the administration then contact us.

Contact Information

For more information, please use the following contact form:

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