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South-East United Kingdom
1st & 2nd November 2014

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About The AMT

The AMT - Our Mission Statement

Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann
AMT Chairperson & Founder

We are a not-for-profit guild of modern energists, specialising in helping people make sense of emotions, teaching new ways to control emotions and to make emotions work for us instead of against us.

Through our research for the past 21 years, we have discovered the cause and effect of emotional stress and developed simple, user friendly, easy to learn methods and techniques that anyone can do and which significantly help to reduce stress and feel happier and stronger inside.

The AMT provides introduction trainings, certification trainings and bespoke trainings for individual people from all walks of life as well as for companies and organisations.

Our membership is worldwide and we are a not affiliated with any religious organisation or movement.

It is The AMT's mission to educate the world on the importance of understanding emotions, emotional stress, and to not only alleviate emotional suffering but to literally empower individuals to live lives filled with much less stress and misery, and much more joy, love and success.

Silvia Hartmann
Chair & Founder, The AMT


General Information about The AMT

The AMT is a not-for-profit learned society devoted to the study of energy work in all its forms. We were founded in the United Kingdom in 1998 by Silvia Hartmann & Chrissie Hardisty and was one of the first organisations established in the world for the study of modern energy work. The term 'modern energy work' describes the overarching concept that holds together a number of observable intrapersonal and interpersonal phenomena which occur naturally and may be changed and influenced through techniques and strategies described under the energy inclusive paradigm. Our course "Meridian & Energy Therapy Practitioner" was the original professional EFT practitioner qualification but has since been superseded by the AMT's "EFT Master Practitioner" qualification in November 2011.

Our interest and expertise covers such topics as energy therapies and energy psychology in theory as well as in practical application. This pertains as much to establishing cohesive and testable theories for energy work in general, as well as developing and testing techniques, creating new research, professional training programs, and  to clearly define the roles, conduct and responsibilities of modern energy workers, researchers and practitioners.

Professional Membership and Trainer Membership is generally only available to people qualified through AMT courses, however we do sometimes waive this requirement for existing professional and qualified energists. Standard Membership is available to anyone who has an interest in the wider field of modern energy work in both theory and practise. 

In 2012, The AMT was restructured as a UK incorporated limited company (The Guild of Energists Ltd), which was formed to ensure that all profit arising from commercial activities is reinvested back into the company and therefore furthering our aims.

Meet Our Members

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