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2014 EFT & Energy Conference
South-East United Kingdom
1st & 2nd November 2014

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AMT Trainers providing training in EFT + MET

The following listing shows Trainers of Meridian & Energy Therapies:

Name: Location:
Aynur Apaydin   Aynur Apaydin Trainer Izmir, Turkey

Phone 0 532 733 31 05

Clara Arenas   Clara Arenas Trainer Arizona, United States

Gulcan Arpacioglu   Gulcan Arpacioglu Trainer Istanbul, Turkey

Phone 902163023865
Mobile 532 503 1776

Mark Atkinson   Mark Atkinson Trainer London, England

Phone 0845 094 8612

Alan Balfour   Alan Balfour Trainer West Yorkshire, England

Phone 0113 2585438

Vincent Bathea   Vincent Bathea Trainer Texas, United States

Phone +1 972 824 2079

Sonja Beacham Trainer Nottinghamshire, England

Phone 0845 408 9378
Mobile 07778 635 050

Evelyn Beaulay   Evelyn Beaulay Trainer Middlesex, England

Phone 07860558377

Margaret Beck Trainer West Sussex, England

Phone 01903 410581

Tina Beckham   Tina Beckham Trainer Kent, England

Wendy Leanne Beresford   Wendy Leanne Beresford Trainer Gloucestershire, England

Phone 07855699463

Wendy Birse   Wendy Birse Trainer Perth, Scotland

Mobile 07774 813 178

Maryke Blom   Maryke Blom Trainer Gauteng, South Africa

Carol Borthwick   Carol Borthwick Trainer Inverness-Shire, Scotland

Phone France: +33 (0)561 605065

Gisèle Bourgoin   Gisèle Bourgoin Trainer Québec, Canada

Phone 418-651-5938

Kim Bradley   Kim Bradley Trainer London, England

Phone 01865 891 743

Ruth Bray   Ruth Bray Trainer County Cork, Ireland

Phone (+00353) 2 240 913 / 087 7667087
Mobile 0877 667 087

Kelly Burch   Kelly Burch Trainer Victoria, Australia

Mobile 0417110039

Perry Calwell   Perry Calwell Trainer London, England

Phone 0208 8783892

Sally Canning   Sally Canning Trainer Nottinghamshire, England

Phone 01777 870499
Mobile 07792728979

Yvonne Carruthers   Yvonne Carruthers Trainer Edinburgh, Scotland

Phone 0131-467-3718

Stephen Carter   Stephen Carter Trainer Maryland, United States

Phone 1-804-677-6772

Sharon Cass Toole   Sharon Cass Toole Trainer Toronto, Canada

Phone 416-221-5639

Maria Chappell   Maria Chappell Trainer South Yorkshire, England

Phone 07971 463324

Ysabel Clare   Ysabel Clare Trainer London, England

Mobile 07801 813 555

Deb Cline   Deb Cline Trainer Texas, United States

Larry Cline   Larry Cline Trainer Texas, United States

Toks Coker   Toks Coker Trainer London, England

Phone 07973210107

Nigel Colmer   Nigel Colmer Trainer England

Penny Croal   Penny Croal Trainer London, England

Patricia DancingElk-Walls   Patricia DancingElk-Walls Trainer Texas, United States

Grace Dasilva-Hill   Grace Dasilva-Hill Trainer Kent, England

Mobile 07590524795

Clare Davison   Clare Davison Trainer West Sussex, England

Phone 01403 734 930

Sapphire de la Terre   Sapphire de la Terre Trainer Devon, England

Janet Deane   Janet Deane Trainer Donegal, Ireland

Rabea Dehghan Trainer London, England

Phone 0208 810 7346

Peter Delves   Peter Delves Trainer West Midlands, England

Phone 01926 856 746

Beth Dodd   Beth Dodd Trainer Texas, United States

Peter Donn   Peter Donn Trainer Hertfordshire, England

Phone 01923 260 050

Sabiha Erdinc   Sabiha Erdinc Trainer Marmaris / Mugla, Turkey

Phone +90252 4171200
Mobile +905383660634

Lorna Firth   Lorna Firth Trainer Paphos, Cyprus

Phone +357 26934319
Mobile +357 99479426

Davide Focardi   Davide Focardi Trainer Co. Kildare, Ireland

Phone +353 87 6229714

Margarita Foley   Margarita Foley Trainer London, England

Phone 020 88019 883

Milena Galbraith   Milena Galbraith Trainer Massachusetts, United States

Françoise Gins   Françoise Gins Trainer Oxfordshire, England

Mobile 07958 131132

Debra Goldston   Debra Goldston Trainer Shropshire, England

Phone 01952 691 542

Eva Gonzales   Eva Gonzales Trainer New Jersey, United States

Phone 973-444-1202

Edeltraud Grace   Edeltraud Grace Trainer Victoria, Australia

Phone 0416786096
Mobile 0416786096

Roberta Greene Trainer New Jersey, United States

Phone 609-346-2132

Susan Grey   Susan Grey Trainer South Carolina, United States

Phone 1-803-419-3823

Ed Grimshaw   Ed Grimshaw Trainer Lancashire, England

Phone +44 (0)1257 453 577

Chrissie Hardisty   Chrissie Hardisty Trainer Cheshire, England

Phone +44 (0)1625 522 613
Mobile +44 (0)7980 808 998

Katherine Harris Trainer Massachusetts, United States

Silvia Hartmann   Silvia Hartmann Trainer East Sussex, England

Caroline Hedicker Trainer West Sussex, England

Felicitas Hestermann   Felicitas Hestermann Trainer Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Phone 02225-16541

Deanna Hewett   Deanna Hewett Trainer Victoria, Australia

Phone 03 9028 4628

Sandra Hillawi   Sandra Hillawi Trainer Hampshire, England

Phone +44 (0)2392 433 928

Marion Hind   Marion Hind Trainer Northamptonshire, England

Phone 07432 617491
Mobile 07432 617491

Payge Hodapp Trainer Michigan, United States

Nicola Hok   Nicola Hok Trainer London, England

Phone +44 (0)7415 88 99 63

Fiona Holden   Fiona Holden Trainer County Cork, Ireland

Phone 00353866083587

Jacqueline Hollander   Jacqueline Hollander Trainer Berlin, Germany

Phone 0049307875501

Teri Howlett   Teri Howlett Trainer Berkshire, England

Phone 01753 594854

Irma Hudson Trainer Missouri, United States

Richard Hyams   Richard Hyams Trainer British Columbia, Canada

Pam Jackson TAMT   Pam Jackson TAMT Trainer Texas, United States

Denise Jacques   Denise Jacques Trainer Co Durham, England

Werner Jahn Trainer Diesenhofen, Germany

Phone 89 6283 0330

Lisa Jennings   Lisa Jennings Trainer France

Phone 02088783953

Heather Johnston   Heather Johnston Trainer Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

Phone 028 90 792 365
Mobile 07801884577

Susan Kennard   Susan Kennard Trainer East Sussex, England

Phone 07737100254
Mobile 01424715631

Alex Kent   Alex Kent Trainer East Sussex, England

Phone 01323 729 666

Aisling Killoran   Aisling Killoran Trainer Dublin, Ireland

Phone 01 2986507
Mobile 087 1352 122

Dilek Koksel Bayezid Trainer Istanbul, Turkey

Phone +90 532 732 4581

Gemma Kopri Trainer Izmir, Turkey

Phone 0090 532 620 0878

Şebnem Koral   Şebnem Koral Trainer Bursa, Turkey

Magdi Kovacs Trainer Hampshire, England

Phone 07712184742

Christiana Kriechbaum-Hinteregger   Christiana Kriechbaum-Hinteregger Trainer Croatia

Phone (Austria) +43 676 45 44 042

Irene Lambert   Irene Lambert Trainer Derbyshire, England

Phone +44 (0)1332 863 290
Mobile 07903 711 079

Willem Lammers   Willem Lammers Trainer Sg, Switzerland

Kym Lawn   Kym Lawn Trainer Queensland, Australia

Mobile 0406 182 735

Bruce Lawson   Bruce Lawson Trainer Kent, England

Phone 07917 182706/ 01795 530991

Tony Leake   Tony Leake Trainer Nottinghamshire, England

Phone 07905 495202

Teresa Lynch   Teresa Lynch Trainer New Jersey, United States

Phone 908.431.0092

Tanya Lyons   Tanya Lyons Trainer West Yorkshire, England

Yvonne Maclean Trainer Surrey, England

Phone 01932 345140

Dayle Malen Trainer Louisiana, United States

Ray Manning   Ray Manning Trainer Dublin, Ireland

Phone 00353-1- 298 6507
Mobile 00353 87 677 8049

Peter Marsland   Peter Marsland Trainer Essex, England

Phone +44(0)7950 028333

Steven Mathias Trainer California, United States

Phone 650 996 9081

Adrienne McAllister   Adrienne McAllister Trainer County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Phone 07917610029

Helen McCrarren   Helen McCrarren Trainer Monaghan, Ireland

Phone 00353 87412 9385

Siadbh McGivern Trainer County Cork, Ireland

Phone 087 6104498

Bridin McKenna   Bridin McKenna Trainer Belfast, Northern Ireland

Phone 447885163409

Michael Millett   Michael Millett Trainer Lincolnshire, England

Phone 01476 568800
Mobile 0845 6588220

Andrea Mlezivova   Andrea Mlezivova Trainer London, England

Phone 07442925168

Laura Moberg   Laura Moberg Trainer Höör, Sweden

Lucy Munro   Lucy Munro Trainer Hampshire, England

Phone 020 8133 9030

Janice Neighbor   Janice Neighbor Trainer Arkansas, United States

Phone 479 846 1798

Karen Neil Trainer County Durham, England

Phone 0191 526 2095
Mobile 0774 7831 850

Piper Padillia Trainer Rhode Island, United States

Patti Payne   Patti Payne Trainer California, United States

Guillermo Peña Acuña   Guillermo Peña Acuña Trainer Alicante, Spain

Phone 0034 965871503
Mobile + 34 639 66 38 39

Harry Pickens   Harry Pickens Trainer Kentucky, United States

Lilian Poultney   Lilian Poultney Trainer North Humberside, England

Phone 01162 716089

Guy Proulx Trainer Ontario, Canada

Phone 613 789 3651

Nicola Quinn   Nicola Quinn Trainer East Sussex, England

Phone 01424 733 478

Aleksandra Rechtman   Aleksandra Rechtman Trainer Oxfordshire, England

Mobile 07830302753

Roy Riseborough   Roy Riseborough Trainer Lincolnshire, England

Phone 07401 326006

Eric Robins   Eric Robins Trainer California, United States

Phone 310 872 7446

Jonah Robins Trainer Los Angeles, United States

Phone 310 987 8874

Lauren Rosenberg   Lauren Rosenberg Trainer London, England

Phone 07966268148

Helen Ryle   Helen Ryle Trainer Kerry, Ireland

Phone 00353 87 773 4914

Andras Saghy Trainer Budapest, Hungary

Margaret Saghy Trainer Budapest, Hungary

Sevgi Şahin   Sevgi Şahin Trainer Istanbul, Turkey

Phone 90 0532 262 95 08

Beatrice Salmon-Hawk   Beatrice Salmon-Hawk Trainer Suffolk, England

Mobile 07584294422

Barbara Saph   Barbara Saph Trainer Hampshire, England

Phone 02380 663 658
Mobile 07919 162 542

Sue Sawyer   Sue Sawyer Trainer Hampshire, England

Phone 01420 472 758
Mobile 07879 475 184

Jan Scholtes   Jan Scholtes Trainer Zuid Holland, Netherlands

Heike Schonert   Heike Schonert Trainer D23999 Insel Poel, Germany

Phone +49 1747779935

Zeev Sieradzki Trainer Kedumim, Israel

Phone +972 (0) 547 421 604

Jan Sigsworth Trainer Kent, England

Suzanne Skeete   Suzanne Skeete Trainer Birmingham, England

Phone 07507228319

Shayn Smith   Shayn Smith Trainer Colorado, United States

Eliezer Spetter   Eliezer Spetter Trainer M.P. Ephraim, Israel

Phone +972 29 943 704
Mobile 0545340155

John Staples   John Staples Trainer Maryland, United States

Phone 301-283-6545

Thornton Streeter   Thornton Streeter Trainer Goa, India

Mobile +919821421822

Evgenia Sverbikhina   Evgenia Sverbikhina Trainer Spb, Russian Federation

Phone 0174-5492662

Anne Sweet   Anne Sweet Trainer Surrey, England

Mobile 07903 522 500

Tom Sørevik Trainer Fyllingsdalen, Norway

Phone + 4755 168 267

William Taylor   William Taylor Trainer Unknown

Detlev Tesch   Detlev Tesch Trainer Austria

Phone +49 228 473792

Joanne Thompson   Joanne Thompson Trainer Ontario, Canada

Phone 613 258 4567
Mobile 613 552 1628

Sam Thorpe   Sam Thorpe Trainer East Sussex, England

Phone 01273 430777

Sally Topham   Sally Topham Trainer London, England

Phone 020 7604 3619

Jane Travis Trainer Derbyshire, England

Phone 01332 781573
Mobile 07967 127588

Merve Tufekci   Merve Tufekci Trainer Bebek, Turkey

Phone +90 532 6919293

Rob Van Overbruggen   Rob Van Overbruggen Trainer Rotterdam, Netherlands

Margreet Vink   Margreet Vink Trainer Noordholland, Netherlands

Phone 0031-299-416444

Jade Wallace   Jade Wallace Trainer West Sussex, England

Phone 07942233445

Nanette L Waller   Nanette L Waller Trainer Oklahoma, United States

Phone 918 682 6941

Ilka Wandel   Ilka Wandel Trainer Germany

Jondalyn Whitis   Jondalyn Whitis Trainer New York, United States

Vassilia Williams   Vassilia Williams Trainer Newport, Wales

Raymond Williams Trainer Michigan, United States

Phone 001 231 724 0235

Pauline Withers Trainer Hampshire, England

Phone 01730 893 968

Tom Wynn   Tom Wynn Trainer Dublin, Ireland

Phone 00353 (1) 868 9596

Reto Wyss   Reto Wyss Trainer Berne, Switzerland

Phone +41 62 962 9212

Gülbahar Yeni   Gülbahar Yeni Trainer Izmir, Turkey

Phone +90(0)532 665 5980
Mobile +90(0) 232 336 6445

Daniela Ziehn   Daniela Ziehn Trainer 46485 Wesel, Germany

Phone 00492814607472

Showing 152 Trainers

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