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AMT Energy Conference 2015

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT News, Articles and How-Tos on Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Techniques & variants including Silvia Hartmann's Energy EFT.

Other EFT resources on this site:

Silvia Hartmann's Positive EFT Published in Germany by VAK

Silvia Hartmann

The wonderful new introduction to modern energy EFT "Positive EFT" by our chairman Silvia Hartmann is now available in the German language. We are excited that our German speaking friends have access to the companion to Energy EFT, as Positive EFT opens the door for anyone to feel better and understand why we're so excited about modern energy work!

Entitled  Das neue Positiv-EFT - Tapping kompakt this excellent book is available through here.

Get the original English Language Positive EFT by Silvia Hartmann here.

Posted Nov 7, 2014 More Information ->

A Beginner's Guide To Positive Energy - In Under 5 Minutes

A Beginner

Here is a video, under five minutes, to explain energy body stress and how positive energy helps to absolute beginners. Feel free to share this video and post it on your own website to help educate as many people as possible to the reality of the energy body.

Available in English, German & Spanish.

Posted Oct 2, 2014 More Information ->

The NEW Aspects Model In EFT

The NEW Aspects Model In EFT

Modern Energy EFT uses a different Aspects Model to Classic EFT. The new aspects model is logical, clear, simple and extremely effective in the treatment of fears and phobias as well as making it structurally possible for a person to start understanding themselves, forgiving themselves, and loving themselves.

The Modern Aspects Model by Silvia Hartmann is a major upgrade and available exclusively from TheAMT (The Guild of Energists).

Posted Sep 5, 2014 1,058 Reads More Information ->

EFT Studies & Research

EFT Studies & Research

Thanks to Ben Meijer and Dr Liz Boath for submitting lists of scientific research and evidence featuring EFT as of Dec 2013. We understand this list is by no means comprehensive so please contact the AMT if there is an omission.

Posted Sep 4, 2014 7,148 Reads More Information ->

Three Years of Next-Generation EFT

Three Years of Next-Generation EFT

In July 2011, AMT Trainers got together in London Gatwick to decide on what should be included in the first major update to EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques since founder Gary Craig announced his retirement in 2010. The result was the EFT Master Practitioner course, written by Silvia Hartmann and first presented in November 2011.

This wasn't just a tweak to Classic EFT but a complete overhaul from the ground up, based on the energy principles of Silvia Hartmann's EMO. There are so many unbelievable ground-breaking developments in the new system, such as the stress-chart and the SUE scale that the testimonials started flooding in. To date, we've collected 18,000 words. What has become clear is that whilst the beginners to tapping take the course for granted, it's the experienced EFT practitioners that fall in love with the new methods and techniques the most.

Back in 2011, The AMT only had 250 Professional Members and that number has near quadruppled in recent years thanks to this course. A big thank-you to all our wonderful trainers who have done such a fabulous job bringing this information to the public.

Read on to discover why people love this course so much...

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It's EFT Jim but not as you know it ...


Posiitve EFT - It's EFT, Jim, but not as you know it ...

Our chairperson Silvia Hartmann makes the case for positives in modern energy work in this article published by Watkins Mind, Body, Spirit, Issue 29, Autumn 2014.

Posted Sep 1, 2014 More Information ->

Parenting with Heart & Soul by Kelly Burch

Parenting with Heart & Soul by Kelly Burch

AMT Trainer Kelly Burch's new book on modern parenting for reducing stress in both children and parents is now available for pre-order from DragonRising Publishing and will be released on the 8th September 2014.

Rather than taking the approach that increasing stress in your child is a good thing to get them to obey your will (think techniques such as “counting down”, “naughty corners”, etc) this book offers simple solutions that result in a much more harmonious and happy home.

This is a great little book that is accessible to all parents without being at all preachy. All of us at The AMT thank Kelly tremendously for putting this information out there.

Recommended to all parents, you can pre-order your copies now for just £9.99 + postage direct from DragonRising – click here. Remember to login if you're an AMT member as you'll receive a discount:

  • Standard Member: 10% (1 copy) or 30% (3+ copies)
  • Professional Member: 15% (1 copy) or 40% (3+ copies)
  • Trainer: 20% (1 copy) or 50% (3+ copies)

Read on for more information...

Posted Aug 29, 2014 More Information ->

EFT Case Story: Back to School with EFT

EFT Case Story: Back to School with EFT

Classic EFT case story from EFT practitioner Kathryn Pearson. In this article Kathryn explains how she took EFT in to her local school in Sheffield, UK, to help teenage girls with exam and general life stress. This article was first featured exclusively in the Summer 2014 (Vol.1 No.1) edition of The Energist

Read on for the full article...

Posted Jul 22, 2014 More Information ->

Boosting Performance in Dancing with Positive EFT

Boosting Performance in Dancing with Positive EFT

Positive EFT case story by Carna Zacharias-Miller. Carna speaks about how she used Positive EFT to boost her performance on the competitive professional ballroom dancing circuit. This article was first featured exclusively in the Summer 2014 (Vol.1 No.1) edition of The Energist

Read on for the full article...

Posted Jul 15, 2014 More Information ->

Case Story: EFT, Anxiety and Relationships

Case Story: EFT, Anxiety and Relationships

This Case Story comes from Dolores Andrew-Gavin, here she details a session with a client who was experiencing anxiety after a relationship break-up. After some regression and EFT, a more positive outlook on life for achieved!

Dolores writes: I recently saw a 36-year-old woman named Lauren (not her real name) who came to me as she was suffering anxiety because of a serious of relationships that had broken up. She felt there was a part of herself that self sabotaged each relationship. She could almost see a pattern that every time a relationship seemed to be going well she would push a partner away and another relationship would end. She really wanted to settle down, get married and start a family but felt stuck and was quite upset.

Read on for the full story...

Posted Jun 2, 2014 1,409 Reads More Information ->

Energy EFT Case Story: A Euphoric Experience

Energy EFT Case Story: A Euphoric Experience

A tough tale from Fay Lochore. Here she details a horrific case of childhood abuse and a big challenge for a first time case. Well done to Fay for taking on such a case and helping this person go for a dark place to one he describes as "euphoric".

Read on for the full story...

Posted May 30, 2014 1,375 Reads More Information ->

EFT & Energy Conference 2014: Presentations Announced

EFT & Energy Conference 2014: Presentations Announced

The AMT is delighted to announce the full line-up of first-class Presenters at the 2014 EFT & Energy Conference! This year's event, taking place on 1st & 2nd November at the Eastbourne Centre on England's sunny south-coast, features more than 20 unique presentations from a fantastic range of presenters.

Posted May 22, 2014 More Information ->

Case Story: EFT & A Stress-Based Smoking Habit

Case Story: EFT & A Stress-Based Smoking Habit

This fantastic case story from Lionel Thebe, a student enrolled on the EFT Master Practitioner distance learning course, tackles multiple issues including smoking and failing exams, that stemmed from work-related stress.

Lionel writes: When I met Peter and shook his hand, I noticed he had a pack of cigarettes in the other. Peter came to see me and told me that he has the recurring problem of smoking an entire pack of cigarettes in one day when he feels stressed. Peter usually does not smoke. This behavior is in place for the last 3 years. He hates this habit because he feels sick after smoking all of a pack straight.

Posted May 16, 2014 More Information ->

Surrender to Conception, Birth & Motherhood with EFT & Family Constellations

Surrender to Conception, Birth & Motherhood with EFT & Family Constellations

AMT Trainer Tamara Donn specialises in supporting women’s transitions through life. This article comes from Tamara's blog, and details a recent training.

She writes: Recently I had the privilege of training some wonderful and wise birth professionals in the art of EFT to enhance their support of women during their transition into motherhood be it with fertility, pregnancy, birth or early motherhood.

Read on for more...

Posted May 11, 2014 More Information ->

EFT Case Story: Just go with the flow

EFT Case Story: Just go with the flow

An interesting Case Story from Fiona Dilston, that proves when dealing with issues of chaos and being overwhelmed, you just need to go with the flow, keep tapping and you can still reach those magical positives.

Read on for the full story...

Posted May 5, 2014 1,166 Reads More Information ->

History of EFT & Tapping: Guide to The Tapping Techniques

History of EFT & Tapping: Guide to The Tapping Techniques

The tapping journey has come on a long way since TFT founder Dr. Roger Callahan “cured” Mary's water phobia by tapping under her eye in the 1980s. Since then energy-pioneers such as Gary Craig, Silvia Hartmann, Robert. G. Smith, Rehana Webster, Dr. David Lake, Steve Wells, Karl Dawson, David Feinstein and Dr. Dawson Church have continued to evolve the field, giving us new tools and methods such as EFT, Energy EFT, Positive EFT, Faster EFT, TBT, Clinical EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. This article explains some of the history behind the tapping techniques and how they compare and contrast with each other.

The AMT has compiled this article in good-faith from many different sources. If you spot an error please do contact us.

Information on:

Posted Apr 29, 2014 10,548 Reads More Information ->

Animal EFT Case Story: EFT and a Dove in Deep Shock

Animal EFT Case Story: EFT and a Dove in Deep Shock

If you love animals as well as EFT, then this Case Story is for you. Here Marie Holliday writes of a case where she used EFT to help a bird in deep shock!

Marie writes: I would like to share this simple story and hopefully encourage everyone who uses EFT to try it with animals, birds and wildlife especially the times we can feel helpless and that’s where EFT can step in. A few weeks before Christmas we had been watching the progress of two nesting doves who hadn’t taken flight yet and were preparing for their first flight from our fig tree (which was then with thick leafy cover). They managed their first flight successfully even with our three dogs with keen eyes on them!

Read on for more...

Posted Apr 21, 2014 1,311 Reads More Information ->

EFT Case Story: An Amazing Experience Helping a Client Overcome Horse Phobia

EFT Case Story: An Amazing Experience Helping a Client Overcome Horse Phobia

We've been documenting EFT's ability to help people overcome phobias for a very long time. In this case story, which includes some lovely photos, Sara Bern explains how she was able to quickly help a client overcome a phobia of horses that was affecting her relationship with her children.

Sara writes: Sometimes we just find ourselves with people in whose lives we can make a huge difference, even in unexpected places and circumstances. I did not have the slightest idea that I would have an amazing experience helping someone overcome horse phobia one fine Sunday afternoon while I would be at the stables watching my daughter during her riding lessons.

While waiting at the cafe overlooking the grounds, I started small talk with another mum, Susanne, seated beside me and casually mentioned going over to the horses after our kids' riding lesson. That's when she told me that her husband had to do that since she was absolutely terrified of horses herself. For unknown reasons, she had this phobia of horses for as long as she can remember. It was impossible for her to go into the stable, unless ensured that all horses were locked in and securely fastened.

Posted Apr 10, 2014 More Information ->

EFT Case Story: From Overwhelm to Optimism

EFT Case Story: From Overwhelm to Optimism

In this case story author and AMT Trainer Sally Topham describes how EFT can have a profound effect on a person, no matter how overwhelmed they may feel.

Sally writes: This lady, (who I'll call 'Mandy') was in a very low state when she came to see me. She said she simply couldn't see how she could get out of the feeling of hopelessness and overwhelm that she found herself in. Her sister Wendy (another of my clients) had persuaded her to come having found that EFT had helped her enormously. Mandy was therefore hopeful that perhaps I could do the same thing for her.

Posted Mar 27, 2014 1,021 Reads More Information ->

EFT Selfie Self Help - How to Feel Good Without Make-Up

EFT Selfie Self Help - How to Feel Good Without Make-Up

The "Selfie" has reached new levels of popularity this month, thanks to Cancer Reasearch UK's new No Make-Up Selfie for Cancer Awareness campaign. The idea is to take a photo of yourself without any make-up on, post it on your social media profiles and help raise awareness for the charity. The campaign has already raised over £2m.

But many people still find it very difficult to take a No Make-Up Selfie and feel good about it. In this article, Silvia Hartmann offers a technique to overcome this, and to feel great about yourself and your selfie!

Posted Mar 27, 2014 1,154 Reads More Information ->
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