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GOE Energy Conference 2016

GOE Energy Conference 2016

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Love EFT: Positive EFT For Love, Romance & Relationships by Silvia Hartmann

Love EFT: Positive EFT For Love, Romance & Relationships by Silvia Hartmann

Make Love YOUR Goal!

Books For Energists

Books For Energists: Energy EFT, EmoTrance, Energy Hypnosis & Energy Psychology Books, Manuals & Distance Learning Programs at

Scripts & Patterns

Scripts & Patterns For Use With Meridian Energy Therapies, Energy Psycholgoy, EFT, EmoTrance etc.

EFT Tapping For World Energy Awareness

EFT Tapping For World Energy Awareness

On August 8th at 8pm we are having a moment to do some real energy work - to change the powerfield of the ages that has made people be blind to the reality of energy. With more energy awareness, the world for all of us must change and becomes a better place.

Here are some ideas for EFT set ups or EFT opening statements to use on World Energy Awareness Day and to help bring the light to many, many more.

Posted Jul 16, 2015 11,901 Reads More Information ->

The NEW Aspects Model In EFT

The NEW Aspects Model In EFT

Modern Energy EFT uses a different Aspects Model to Classic EFT. The new aspects model is logical, clear, simple and extremely effective in the treatment of fears and phobias as well as making it structurally possible for a person to start understanding themselves, forgiving themselves, and loving themselves.

The Modern Aspects Model by Silvia Hartmann is a major upgrade and available exclusively from TheAMT (The Guild of Energists).

Posted Sep 5, 2014 3,124 Reads More Information ->

EFT 4 Energists

EFT 4 Energists

Are you involved with modern energy work such as EFT or EmoTrance? Do you love it? And do you feel a little bit uncomfortable to tell everyone about it because you're afraid people will call you a fool, unscientific, or laugh at you? If so, welcome to the club! We all have acquired energy reversals about talking freely about energy!

So if you're a little nervous about holding out your hand to the world and saying, "Good morning! My name is Silvia - and I'm an energist!" join the AMT conference delegates for a group EFT session right now.

Posted Nov 21, 2011 7,699 Reads More Information ->

Testing EFT Set Ups Or EFT Opening Statements

Testing EFT Set Ups Or EFT Opening Statements

The big "hang  up" in EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques for beginners is to find the right EFT set up or EFT opening statement - what you say when you tap your round of EFT.

Once you've done EFT for a while and with a few other people as well (which gives a much better perspective than always tapping only on yourself or wondering about your own problems) finding EFT set ups is easy, logical and natural. Here is a tip how to speed up learning how to find the right set up phrase or opening statement for EFT self treatment for beginners.

Posted May 11, 2011 10,025 Reads More Information ->

Snooker Psychology: The Kick Is The Enemy

Snooker Psychology: The Kick Is The Enemy

Guest article on limiting beliefs based on stress reversals and how they can cause problems in the game of Snooker. These include the dreaded kick and players attitudes to the game especially as they get older.

Posted Apr 20, 2011 9,876 Reads More Information ->

Tapping into Feelings - Using Positive Visualisation with EFT

Tapping into Feelings - Using Positive Visualisation with EFT

Wendy Beresford writes: When I first started training as an EFT Practitioner, I was amazed at how effective it was and how quickly I could get results on a variety of issues. After a while, however, I tried to apply the technique to uncover and release limiting subconscious beliefs that I felt may be holding me back in my everyday life. I quickly found that although I could identify some of my general behaviours or thought patterns that may need updating, I struggled to contact any feelings about them. Without feelings that I could give a rating to, I found I was only dealing with the symptoms of my issues rather than resolving them at the core.

Read on for the full article...

Posted Mar 18, 2011 3,841 Reads More Information ->

Using Clean Language in EFT

Using Clean Language in EFT

AMT Trainer Ben Huss writes: "Have you noticed when using EFT with metaphors you often make the most substantial shifts and behavioural changes? Would you like a simple and easy way to elicit rich metaphors to work on while tapping?"

Read on for more information on using Clean Language in EFT...

Posted Jan 7, 2011 4,638 Reads More Information ->

Breathe to the Core - Heal with EFT & EmoTrance

Breathe to the Core - Heal with EFT & EmoTrance

This article from Catherine Strang looks at the "deceptively simple" yet highly effective technique of breathing into and through layers of emotion in order to get to the core of the issue.

The article includes two examples and explains the technique in a practical and simple manner, showing how it is possible to breathe through the emotions and then heal the core issue with EmoTrance and EFT...

Posted Dec 8, 2010 2,295 Reads More Information ->

Mastering EFT Language Skills

Mastering EFT Language Skills

AMT Trainer Peter Delves writes: "When using EFT some practitioners grapple with what words to use. Although the basics are addressed in standard trainings, this article describes one of the ways you can create language patterns to help the effectiveness of EFT. It is just one of the approaches which we will be covering at the special one day EFT Language Skills Masterclass on the 5th September."

Read on for the full article...

Posted Aug 13, 2010 3,494 Reads More Information ->

Creating Your Own Custom-Designed Classic EFT Setup Phrases

Creating Your Own Custom-Designed Classic EFT Setup Phrases

The Setup Phrase is often an under-valued  part of Classic EFT. Many of us have used (and taken for granted)  the generic setup phrase that says  “Even though I have this ________,  I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”   This does work  ---  much of the time ---  but not always.

In this article, John Freedom looks at using different, personal set-up phrases to help overcome blocks to healing.

Editor Note - July 2014: This article from 2010 refers to Gary Craig's Classic EFT rather than Silvia Hartmann's Energy EFT which is now recommended by the AMT

Posted Apr 14, 2010 4,132 Reads More Information ->

Energy Reversals: The Important Lessons Of YES And NO

Energy Reversals: The Important Lessons Of YES And NO

"Modern energy psychology has the concept of an energy reversal. We talk about "being reversed" on a topic; and this comes from the intriguing observation made by kinesiologists that when a person says and thinks, "Yes!" their muscles are stronger than when they say and think, "NO!"  Silvia Hartmann discusses how we can use our power to say "Yes!" or "No!" to prevent self sabotage, psychomatic illness and damage to our self esteem and future aspirations.

Posted Nov 17, 2009 4,040 Reads More Information ->

Coulrophobia Fear Of Clowns Treated Successfully With EFT

There was a complete family organisation around the mother's coulrophobia which also included that all TV had to be pre-recorded, checked for clowns or clown-like occurrences in cartoon or live format and then the family could view it.

This is a classic case example of how coulrophobia - a fear of clowns - was successfully treated with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Posted Oct 31, 2009 8,096 Reads More Information ->

Which EFT Point Does The Trick?

Which EFT Point Does The Trick?

Silvia Hartmann writes: Here is a nice, simple method to help with calming down when tapping with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques when stress is high. Over time, this can also help you build up a better idea how your energy system works, so you can have a personal map you can work with in many different ways. This is by learning which one of the EFT Tapping Points "does the trick" - creates that shift, the unlocking of the energy system that changes the way you feel and think instantly.

* Includes EFT Tinnitus Case

Posted Sep 8, 2009 4,737 Reads More Information ->

Magical Healing: Combining the Genius Symbols with EFT

Magical Healing: Combining the Genius Symbols with EFT

Carna Zacharias-Miller Writes: Here is a technique I developed that combines the clearing work of EFT with the PS Classic Game and the Genius Symbols. “Magical EFT” is not for everybody: Usually, EFT trauma work needs to be done before entering into this realm. However, I have noticed that EFT works faster (less rounds) and often in a gentler, more “tearless” way when done in this metaphorical framework...

To find out how read on

Posted May 20, 2009 5,905 Reads More Information ->

EFT, The Unusual Diseases Question, And Three Lines Of Enquiry

EFT, The Unusual Diseases Question, And Three Lines Of Enquiry

Have you heard this one?

"I (or someone I know) suffers from (insert ANY disease known to mankind). I'm thinking of using EFT - BUT do you know of anyone else who has successfully overcome/healed (disease X) and HOW did they do it?"

Sometimes, you can refer the person to an existing case history, which may or may not be relevant to this case in hand; sometimes you quote Gary Graig and shrug your shoulders and say, "Well just start tapping, Gary says to try it on EVERYTHING ..."

Posted Mar 13, 2009 4,985 Reads More Information ->

EFT: The Imaginary Tapping Technique

EFT: The Imaginary Tapping Technique

Angie Muccillo Writes: What is Imaginary Tapping?

“Imaginary tapping” is a useful technique children can use when they are in a situation where they are not physically able to tap, for instance during an activity where it is impractical to tap or in public where they may not want to be seen tapping.

Instead of physically tapping children can just think about the problem and at the same time imagine they are tapping by visualizing the tapping points.

Posted Jan 29, 2009 5,601 Reads More Information ->

EFT Through The Seasons- New Protocol by Silvia Hartmann

EFT Through The Seasons- New Protocol by Silvia Hartmann

The light is changing in the Western Hemisphere - winter is on its way. For many people, this heralds the onset of "the Winter Blues", a form of depression put down to an electro-chemical reaction in the brain that happens under low light conditions.

EFT Protocol for Seasonal Affected Depression, Winter Blues but also an excellent set of scripts for general EFT self help to deal with anniversary depressions of all kinds.

Posted Oct 15, 2008 5,100 Reads More Information ->

Language Markers & EFT Self Help For Anxiety

Read this fantastic new 'how to' article from Silvia Hartmann, PhD, on extracting EFT opening statements for self-help through the study of linguistic markers in people's speech. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, this is a must read for anyone engaging in the EFT process on a personal level or a professional level with clients.

Posted Jun 7, 2005 13,750 Reads More Information ->

EFT In The Snow

EFT In The Snow

Good morning from Germany! We have just spent 15 minutes standing at a street corner in a snow storm, with rather unsuitable English good weather clothing, and good old EFT provided not just much needed amusement, but also some interesting insights, once again, into the nature of the human condition - and how we can do so much better!

Posted Dec 23, 2004 24,304 Reads More Information ->

Anxiety Self Help Treatment Protocols - FREE

Anxiety Self Help Treatment Protocols - FREE Silvia Hartmann writes: Here is a full, practical and very powerful self help treatment protocol to reduce stress and all forms of anxiety. Included are three full self help protocols which will help lower adrenaline levels and prevent stress spikes - one for stabilising the stressed systems, one for in depth treatment of the symptoms associated with anxiety, and one to help dissolve anxious thoughts. Complete and free, with my compliments.
Posted Oct 10, 2004 60,376 Reads More Information ->
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