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GOE Energy Conference 2016

GOE Energy Conference 2016

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Love EFT: Positive EFT For Love, Romance & Relationships by Silvia Hartmann

Love EFT: Positive EFT For Love, Romance & Relationships by Silvia Hartmann

Make Love YOUR Goal!

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The Energist - September 2012

The Energist - September 2012

Welcome to the September 2012 edition of The Energist!

In this issue:

Welcome to The Energist

2 Months to Go – Free Qigong & Energy Art Exhibition

AMT 2012

This year's EFT & Energy Conference kicks off in under two months time, and with record attendance levels the stage is set for two days of spectacular learning, networking and energy-related fun & games, including free Qigong energiser sessions each morning with AMT Practitioner Sam Cox Thorpe, and an Energy Art exhibition!

Remember that the final Early Bird discount flies away at the end of September, so do order your tickets now in order to take advantage of this great offer.


EFT Case Story: Terminated After 20 Years - Autogenic Energy  EFT To The Rescue by Timothy Ryan, Ph.D.

Terminated after 20 years

The client is a sixty two year old athletic built female who came to the session saying she was grieving the loss of her employment where she was terminated suddenly after being employed for some twenty years.  She said she received a form letter from her school district saying her services were no longer needed.  She said she understood it was a financial decision but like everyone she never thought it would happen to her.  She knew it was not meant to be personal but she was still hurt and in shock.  She felt lost without direction and did not know what to do.


AMT 2013 – Have Your Say

Have Your Say

We are all set to make AMT 2012 the best Conference ever, but that doesn't mean we aren't thinking of the future. AMT 2013 (November 2013, keep your diaries clear!) is going to be a big event for us, and we need your help to make it so.

Please fill out this questionnaire, whether you have attended an AMT Conference before or not, and have your say on important issues such as venue, prices, presenters and more...


EFT Case Story: Breaking The Pattern Of Abusive Love Relationships by Lorna Firth

Breaking the Pattern

I have been Catherine's Energist off and on for 2.5 years now. She initially presented because of relationship difficulties. The last 4 long term relationships were with abusive men - either physically/sexually or verbally. During that time, as well as Psychotherapy, I did teach her the Classic EFT protocol which she used to help with her emotions. However, the sessions stopped when Catherine, because of a traumatic event, went back to the UK. Catherine returned to this country after 18 months to rebuild her life. Her plan was to find work and a place to live and be independent.

She has resumed her sessions with me and she is very happy and curious to work as a team with the new Energy EFT protocol.


Silvia Hartmann is The Naked Writer

The Naked Writer

Silvia Hartmann is best known for her innovations in the field of energy healing, from EFT to EmoTrance, from Project Sanctuary to Events Psychology. But did you also know that Silvia is a fantastic fantasy fiction author, with 5 novels under her belt?

Silvia has been getting some fantastic recognition in the world media over the last couple of weeks, as she embarks on an exciting and never-before-attempted challenge. Using the "cloud" based word processor Google Docs, Silvia is writing a fantasy novel live online, with fans watching as every word is typed.

The New Yorker newspaper called the project "the best technological-literary stunt in recent memory", whilst the UK's Guardian newspaper called it "mesmerising".

Silvia is announcing her live writing sessions on her Facebook page, but you can jump straight in and read by clicking here.


EFT Case Story: Stopping Smoking with EFT by Clara Arenas

Stopping Smoking

Smoking is one of the most common addictions in the world, and kills thousands each year. An MET Practitioner that can help people to overcome this addiction can be very high in demand. Clara Arenas, an EFT Master Practitioner from Hawaii, USA, shows how EFT can be very effective.

Tina is a beautiful college student who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day and uses marijuana at times. She wanted to quit smoking. She is very stress out because she said she can’t see a way out.


Energy EFT Videos – Watch Now

Energy EFT

Tap-along with Silvia Hartmann in two new and free-to-watch videos, one of which is an introduction to Energy EFT and the Heart & Soul Protocol, and the second is a guide to the new SUE Scale.

The videos are excerpts from the DVD that now comes with Energy EFT, Silvia Hartmann's ground-breaking book. Whether you order the book direct from the publisher's website, or from stockists such as Amazon or The Book Depository, you will get a copy of the 90-minute DVD.


EFT Case Story: Toothache Tapping by Tony Leake

Linda is a regular practice partner, and on this occasion we had arranged a extra session as she had a severe toothache.

When she arrived, the first thing I noticed was that she was not smiling which is unusual, and she was continually probing the inside of her mouth with her tongue.


Thanks to everyone that contributed to this month's newsletter. If you have a news item, case story or article that you would like to submit for a future issue of The Energist, please send it in to us.

Best wishes,


Josh Alliston

Communications Officer
Posted Sep 24, 2012   
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