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Love EFT: Positive EFT For Love, Romance & Relationships by Silvia Hartmann

Love EFT: Positive EFT For Love, Romance & Relationships by Silvia Hartmann

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Try EFT For Yourself!

Try EFT For Yourself!

Here is a full EFT protocol with EFT diagram of the EFT tapping points and explanations for you to try and print out for future use.

Try EFT For Yourself!

Here is a simple EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Protocol for you to try.

If you don't have time right now, either bookmark this page now or go to the 2 Minute Stress Release, which is an abbreviated version which really only takes about 2 minutes to complete.

The Two Minute Release Technique


EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Protocol


The EFT Treatment Points


The EFT Heart & Soul Protocol EFT Diagram with EFT Tapping Points

Click for a larger/printable EFT Diagram


Here are the steps for the EFT treatment and the tapping points.

  1. Assume Heart Healing Posture and take three deep breaths, in and out.
  2. Say the set up statement and start tapping/touching/massaging the top of the head. Take a deep breath in and out before moving on to the next treatment point.
  3. Continue in the same way to the Third Eye point and all following points.
  4. Top of the Eyebrow
  5. Corner of the Eye
  6. Under Eye
  7. Under Nose
  8. Under Mouth
  9. Under Collarbone
  10. Thumb
  11. Index Finger
  12. Middle Finger
  13. Ring Finger
  14. Little Finger
  15. Karate Chop
  16. Return to the Heart Healing Posture for a moment of silent reflection. Take three deep breaths, in and out.

Take a moment now to run through the EFT protocol, starting with the Heart Healing posture and three deep breaths in and out.

Then find and touch each point in turn. You may notice that some feel slightly different from others, or you may not. When you get to work on various issues, you will feel that some of the points "feel" differently when you tap them, and you will notice that the shift or release will occur with one or more points, depending on the reason for using the technique at the time.


"Tapping" The EFT Points

In EFT, these points are stimulated by tapping on them. Try now tapping the point under your eye, with your index or index and middle fingers, quite rapidly* about seven to nine times or as many times as it takes for you to take a normal breath in and out. The strength of tapping should be comfortable, but you should be able to feel a resonance from the tapping spreading out across a reasonable part of that side of your face.

* We have noticed that different people have different speeds of tapping. We generally show a tapping speed in line with the rhythm of "Jingle Bells".

For practise, tap all the points from the Top Of The Head to the Karate Chop point now just to get the feel of doing it.

Contacting The Problem

To direct the releasing effects of the tapping to the required area, we focus the mind on the problem by using a statement of the problem: "I am afraid of heights."

Preferably, this is spoken out loud to engage as much of the neurology as possible and to contact the problem as directly as possible.

In a moment, take a little time to think about a problem that you have, a pain, a fear, an illness or perhaps a phobia, something that always makes you depressed when you think about it, just generally any negative emotion you are happy to release now and forever. Choose a statement that rings true to you, choosing words that make sense to you and you alone.

The more forthright, direct and truthful you can be, the more profound a change you will experience.

The EFT Set Up

Now that we've named the problem, we can start with the Set Up.

For the opening statement, we use the following routine:

  • Put both hands in the centre of your chest in the Heart Healing position.
  • Take a deep breath and say what the problem is out aloud.
  • Now, take three deep breaths in and out.


The EFT Round

Following the Set Up, we now tap all the points, starting from the Top Of The Head, tapping down the body and ending up with the Karate Chop Point on the hand.

As you tap each point, repeat the set up statement or a shortened reminder statement on each point.

For example, if your set up statement was, "I have a raging headache," the reminder phrase could be "raging headache," or just "headache" to keep the tapping focused on this one problem.

After you finished tapping on the Karate Chop Point, return to the Heart Healing posture and take a further three deep breaths, in and out, to finish your round of EFT.


Testing Your Changes

A great way to ascertain from yourself or others just how you feel is to put a number on it. The technical term is taking a SUE Level or SUE Scale reading, which stands for Subjective Units of Experience.

What that means is you ask yourself:

  • On a scale of -10 to +10, -10 being the highest imaginable pain/freak out/fear/sadness/dis-comfort, and +10 feeling totally alive and happy, how would you rate what you are experiencing at this moment?

SUE Scale


This works for emotions as well as for physical sensations and even for beliefs which might be a problem.

A tip: Touching the scale with your fingertip can help you get a sense of "where you are" if you pay attention.


On a scale of minus ten to plus ten:

  • how stressed are you right now?
  • how depressed are you right now?
  • how painful is your leg?
  • how bad is your fear of heights?
  • how distressing is this memory?
  • how upset are you about this person?


Before you begin tapping for any subject or problem, take the time to take a SUE rating and make a mental note of it.

Then, when you have completed a round of EFT, ask the question again to find how much has changed. It's a good way to be able to assess how well the treatment has worked and if you need to repeat the treatment.

Sometimes, the problem can go from the negative to the positive side of the scale in a single round of EFT.

More often though, you start with -7 or -5, and after a round of tapping, the severity is reduced to a -2 or a -1.

This is great; it means you are making progress, that the EFT treatment is beginning to work but there's more to be done.

Testing is a very important part of the EFT procedure; see also Testing in the A-Z, Part 2.


Further EFT Treatment Rounds

If the original set up statement was something along the lines of, "I have this problem" and you have tapped a first round on "this problem", and upon checking with yourself, this problem is not as severe anymore but still noticeable, change the set up to:


"There is still some of this problem remaining",


"I still have some of this problem".

When you're down to a rating of  Zero on the SUE scale, do a third round of EFT to improve energy flow even further to get onto the positive wing of the SUE scale, where the good and empowering emotions are found:

"I want to completely overcome this problem!"

And that's it!

It's as simple as that. There's no need for you to worry about getting it wrong, or getting the wrong statement.


Any tapping you do stimulates the meridians, improves energy flow through your systems, relaxes you, calms you and makes you feel a better.

Try tapping on those things that stress you the most at the moment.

Relieving stress is *very important* for your mind, body, spirit health so practice EFT often and your results will get better and better with practice and experience.


EFT by Gary Craig 1996, EFT Heart & Soul Protocol by Silvia Hartmann/TheAMT 2011.

All Text & Graphics © StarFields 2002/2011

Posted Sep 19, 2002   
Comments (2)
Lauren Rosenberg

Lauren Rosenberg says:

EFT is amazing and so powerful

Posted Apr 28, 2015

Patrick J Cleere

Patrick J Cleere says:

EFT is awesome, It gives me control over what I experience and how I feel in any situation...that is truly amazing!

Posted Jul 27, 2015

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